Testing out the blog

Hi, unfortunately there’s still a week to go until we begin our travels but we’re getting excited now and counting down the days.

Hopefully all our friends and family will be able to access this blog to follow our journey. You can contact us by ‘commenting above’ and we will try and reply asap. We will try to update it as often as possible, but we can’t make promises as the Internet signal is poor in Vietnam and Cambodia.

All our love,

Al and Ol x image


2 thoughts on “Testing out the blog

  1. hello to you both glad to know you didn’t get on the wrong plane.With Etihad though, it helps Man City buy more players, so tyvm. Hope you problem has been sorted out and you are good to go. Your pictures look amazingly different .Are the people nice and friendly? lots of love ENJOY!!!!!!
    love Geema

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    1. Yes Olly is pleased with that! It is so different but we love it. The people are very friendly and they’re chatty, not had anyone pestering us so far. The Vietnamese children are so cute I want to bring one home!
      Love Al xxxxx


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