Can you fall in love with a city in one day?

Despite the worst nights sleep and not being able to stream Coronation Street, we’ve had a fab morning in the madness.

This is the traffic we have to contend with, so walking 9 miles around the city was practically the equivalent of signing our death wish. But we survived!
This morning, we were dropped off at the Botanical gardens (come zoo) and explored this area.

After that, we walked to the adidas outlet for Ol, who surprisingly refused to part with his money, although the clothes were dirt cheap! 

Despite being geographers and having a map, we got lost several times looking for a reccomended cafe for lunch. When we eventually arrived after an hour, we decided we didn’t fancy the noodle soup again (having had it for breakfast), so went to another cafe. It cost £1.80 for spaghetti bolognaise, Pepsi and bread. As you can see, we’re really endorsing the culture with our adventurous cuisine! 

Grandad will be proud to know we visited the war remnants museum after this.


These are for you pal!

We are just chilling now before we go out for tea; Ollys wanting a Pizza Hut so I’m sure there will be an impending bicker.

That’s all for now,

Ol and Al 



7 thoughts on “Can you fall in love with a city in one day?

  1. omg, wish I was there, it looks fantastic, I am working my womanly charms on G’dad and trying to persuade him that we are not too old to backpack around the world!! I really want to follow in your footsteps so keep all the info for us, especially the hotels etc., and prices of the cocktails!! is it really hot? how is Ols surviving in the heat ? love to you both,take care,N &Gxxx

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    1. It is amazing but the temperature is abut 30 degrees and really humid, going through about 6 litres of water in a day. You’d love it here Nan, although I’d say break down your journey because we’re still tired after the flights. Hotel is fab, for £6 a night, they do our laundry, clean the room and we get breakfast which is amazing! Apart from the fact they forgot to pick us up. Cocktails are cheap, might treat myself tonight! Ol is coping okay just very sweaty.
      Love you guys,
      Al and Ol


      1. hello to you both. Sounds amazing. Glad you are doing your bit by flying Etihad, so Man City can buy more players. Hope you got your problem sorted out , must have been a bit of a panic. I tried to post a comment previously, but it may have gone into the ether somewhere. Lots of love Geema ENJOY !!!!!!

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  2. Hi guys, its fab to hear of your adventures, and see the pictures, I’m almost feeling like I’m there. I hope the internal flights are good tomorrow and you find the right city and airline, other than that, it’s a doddle. Keep safe and together both of you, lots of love and hugs, from mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx ps, Alice, even |Norman’s sending you messages on facebook!!!!! xxx

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