It turns out that insect repellent doesn’t work after all.

Today we booked a bus to the Cu Chi tunnels which the Viet Cong built in the Vietnam war. Because it was forecast thunderstorms all day, I slathered on insect repellent. Of course, Ol couldn’t be bothered because he was ‘too tired’ but I exercised caution! 

Here I’m sat, having been eaten alive (despite reapplying the Deet) and Ol is sat next to me with absolutely no bites whatsoever, just my luck.

So first of all, we stopped at a Vietnamese factory which was meant to be a quick visit, but some people (not mentioning any names) spent almost an hour taking pictures of the same thing over and over again. 

We arrived at the tunnels almost 2 hours late, but had yet to see a thunderstorm.
We weren’t brave enough to hide underground like the green man below but we managed to crawl through 20 metres of tunnel which was very claustrophobic.

Here I am putting Olly to shame with my bicep curls on a Vietnamese Cast Iron Tank. 

After, we were dumped at a market place as the driver couldn’t be bothered to drop us off at our hotel, and we ordered the worst food ever – it looked like fried worms with fish sauce, but at £2 a portion, we forced ourselves to eat it. 

We’re just waiting for a taxi to the airport ready for Da Nang tomorrow.

Speak soon X 


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