Our favourite place so far

Da Nang is in the centre of Vietnam, and as usual the weather forecast was wrong; it was supposed to rain today but it’s been 35 degrees and scorching.

It took us about 30 minutes to find a water vendor, but we eventually set off.

This morning we hiked Marble Mountain.

This doesn’t quite show you how steep the steps were – trust me G’ma they’re even steeper than yours!“Another Pagoda” – OlThe view from the top taken by Ol because I was too scared to stand on a rock.Buddha wishing us luck on our 10km trek.After scrambling down a mountain and through a cave and almost getting knocked out by a falling rock, we decided to find a beach.
We walked through a site of derelict buildings and found we were the only people for miles. These round fishing boats are used by the locals.

Just a quick selfie on our beach!
It’s almost 4pm here and we’re about to have a nap, having walked miles along the beach (unsuccessfully) in search of food. We might try out the sky bar later, with views over the city and we’re going to look for dragon bridge too. We’ve booked a taxi to Hoi An tomorrow so looking forward to that.

Speak later X

P.s. For Grandad – spot the swastika. 


10 thoughts on “Our favourite place so far

  1. great photos specially like the steps. I’d be able to run up and down those easily !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The beach looks wonderful, almost like the Caribbean. Hope you are able to eat properly , even if long way between restaurants ( I use the term loosely) . By the way we still don’t know your first stay, also would be easier to follow if you posted the itinerary. I like the round coracles, in a rough sea it must be like being on the Waltzer. love from Geema

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  2. All the photos look fab, and even I knew the itinerary was on the about bit, I just can’t open it yet!!!!!!!!!! It’s nearly as hot in settle as it is in Vietnam now. Have fun, love the blog and photos xxxxxxxx

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  3. OMG, were you able to find a sunlounger on the crowded beach, that would be my idea of hell! all those people on the beach!! Now I am concerned about the food situation and wondering how you are going to cope! surely there were some beach vendors, they would make a killing there were so many people there. Next I need to know if you and Ols are on different time zones, when we were face timing you looked shattered but Ols looked as fresh as a daisy!! has he made you carry both backpacks? Well I am so jealous it looks fabulous, I am getting G,dad really interested for next year, bang goes the Cruise again we will be in the Guiness book of records as the oldest backpackers in the world!! Take care, love to you both,Nanxx

    ps: we couldn’t find the swastika, give us a clue.

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    1. I took my purple Indian mandala blanket from my room…perfect! We managed to find a posh cafe eventually although had to walk through a village of villas which looked like they cost £1,000,000s. Also got turned around by a security guard as we didn’t fit in with our plastic bags and sweaty sports gear! Ol wasn’t as close to the camera, he’s tired but were recovered now. He’s kindly carried mine as my backpack is heavier! Do a cruise around south east Asia? It may be easier! Although I have seen some older backpackers. Love you both too. (Swastika is in front of the Buddha on the last pic – at an angle) xxxx


  4. Its bringing back so many memories! the tunnels where Shaun also had to back out of as they were so small, the round boats on those gorgeous beaches..bliss! You are obviously enjoying yourselves as your photos are wonderful! Glad to see you are make up free and Ollington’s abs are looking good!! Lack of food causing the muscle to show through!!! Anyway, continue to enjoy and remember -don’t tell any locals you have a headache (if you ever do) as you know what happens!!!! Love you both loads-I found the swastika by the way!! Rach and Shaun xxxxxx ps Nana is obsessed by your blog and is driving G’dad mad as she is constantly checking it to make sure you are both ok!!
    Rach and Shaun xx

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    1. Well you’ve given us the travel bug so you only have yourself to blame! Having a fab time. Don’t tell Ol he’s wasting away, he won’t be happy. Love you too, and well done for the swastika, grandad can’t find it! Bless Nan xxx


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