“It’s too hot” – Oliver

So apparently 35 degrees is too much for some people; I disagree seeing as though I woke up shivering last night with the air con.

We woke up at 6.30, bright and early in readiness for our taxi to Hoi An. 

The ‘old quarter’ was beautiful.

After half an hour, Ol was complaining that it was too hot and it wasn’t enjoyable – it reminded me of that walk in Morocco!

We decided we were staving and went to a pizza cafe for lunch at 10.30.

When we decided these were too small, we went into ‘puddings’.
Determined not to sweat away all our body fat, we indulged – obviously Ol refused to share his with me!
Also Nana – I found a shop for you, G&T for £1 and happy hour cocktails, bargain.

Having told the taxi driver we’d be ready at 5pm, we rang him at 12 because we were so hot!
But Olly still managed to fit in his daily workout to burn off that mousse…

Ready for a chilling day tomorrow, hoping it may cool down slightly,

Al and Ol


P.s. The view from our dinner yesterday was amazing.


8 thoughts on ““It’s too hot” – Oliver

  1. Hi there!!! The thought of 35 degrees is very appealing as it’s raining up here on the hill in settle. You’ve done loads so a chilling day on the fabulous beach will be lovely tomorrow……don’t forget the suntan lotion!!! Both looking fab…..I’ve got those abs on my screen saver……Love you loads!!!!xxx

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  2. hi lovely photos, especially like the chocolate mousse. Sounds a very different place to visit. The fact you can phone your taxi to come and get you is very efficient, and saves you wilting from the heat and making you eating mousse etc. I agree with Jayne about Ollie’s abs, I thought it was Ronaldo when I first saw it. Are the hotels up to scratch ? (not literally I hasten to add). Have you actually had any local food yet, or loads of pizza ? I see you are scoping the gin joints out for Maureen in case she tries the backpacking trail. Have fun lots of love geema

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    1. Thanks G’ma. Hotels have been lovely, clean, free toiletries, complimentary water, nice views and free breakfast – can’t complain! Had a mix of local and western foods to ease our tummies into it and seemed to work okay so far! Ol very pleased he’s compared to Ronaldo! Yes Nana keen as it’s cheap haha. Very different place but also beautiful. Love Al xxxx


  3. Fab photo’s and commentary. We’re not far off 35 degrees here. It’s lovely to hear of your adventures and see what you are both seeing. Keep well hydrated, and keep happy xxxxxx

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  4. Love your photos, which camera are you using? Gin and Tonic joints £1.50 OMG, I would be allowed them at that price G’dad would allow me at least two! I’ve started to pack!! You will have noticed that I have been very frugal with my blogging as G.dad has told me to back off, but he cannot stop me when I am creeping around in the middle of the night!! You and Ols have got to be adventurous and try some of their cuisine, there’s nothing wrong with slimy worms floating around in dishwater!! Trust me I am trying to keep my postings short, G’dad commented that it will take you all of the holiday to read them. he’s only jealous because he’s not a Computer Boff like me!! Well looking forward to your next adventure, Take-care,enjoy, lots of love to you and Ronaldo, Nanxx

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    1. omg-I have been writing to you whilst at Nana’s house on Nana’s computer so my posts are under her details/name! Typical Wileman/Hill confusion!! Just what you need! You sound like you are just like me and Shaun on hols, riding the problems that inevitably come up but squeezing every last drop of fun out of your days! You rock!! my big niece and that fabulous boyfriend of yours-aka Ollingtons who we all love like our own son!! God, me and Shaun wish we were with you although you don’t seem to need looking after anymore? xx keep the adventure alive…

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      1. You’re logged into Nanas computer so you need to log nana back in so she’s not confused hahah. Aw bless well we want to do Laos too so we can do that together if you like. Haven’t needed looking after yet although we could’ve done with Mr.Sensible (Shaun) sometimes. Love you xxxx


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