How to avoid paying for tickets 

So our ‘relaxing day’ turned into an 8 mile trek to Lady Buddha. We were reluctant to pay for a taxi, even in 36 degrees so made our way there (without a map). 
If you look in the distance, you can see a faint white statue – that’s where we were heading.A quick water stop.
When we ran out of beach, we made our way up the non-pavemented (is that a word?) road. Thinking it wouldn’t be long, we began our ascent.

The view of Da Nang from our pit stop.
We then ran out of water and energy, so decided to follow a group of Chinese tourists up some very long and steep steps. They were too slow, so we overtook them and ended up in the middle of a forest with no path.

We carried on walking and had to jump over a wall but eventually reached Lady Buddha. We treated ourselves to two ice creams each we were that starving! We had avoided the ticket office, so managed to unintentionally save money there.

Relieved that we reach the top (my new found hippie style – ha).

The lady herself saying ‘well done guys’!

With no water, we regretfully got a taxi back to the hotel, and we’re about to grab some lunch.

Not sure of our plans for the afternoon yet.

Al and Ol x

P.s. Grandad – an easier ‘spot the swastika’ for you.


14 thoughts on “How to avoid paying for tickets 

  1. Hi there! Another amazing day….can’t believe how much walking you’re doing….a walk up and down to The Jones residence will be a doddle after this Ol..ha! H says he’s glad you’re keeping up the Whitham tradition of losing the path….it makes it more interesting apparently although I beg to differ when we’ve been totally lost!!!! It worked for you financially as well though……well done you two, we are sooo proud of everything you are doing. Really miss you…love you loads!!xxx

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  2. ha ha Jayne- me too-It is not doing what I intend but I am contacting them through facebook/emails and anything else I can–they get something I think!

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  3. Great to see you are not just relaxing which you can do when you are old-make the most of your ability to explore whilst young and mobile-you do the right thing by exploring in the morning then you can do the beaches after your daily workout!! (or when you are old!!) Lady Buddah looks fab-well done! Ollie, do you still have a daytime sweaty outfit like in Morocco-you look to be a bit more fashionable/trendy then when I was setting a bad example? It must be Alice’s influencexxxxxx

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    1. Ol has multiple sweaty outfits although they’re all blue and red so looks like he hasn’t changed at all. Having said that, every outfit is sweaty given the heat! We’re relaxing in Sihanoukville for 10 days so tiring ourselves out now. Love you xxxx


  4. just posted a really long reply and the computer he say NOOOO.! getting fed up with it now .Anyway sounds like you are having a brilliant time . That was some hike to go up to see Momma Buddha I didn’t even know there was one. Make sure you go with plenty of water, there won’t be many Naked men cafes up the mountains I don’t suppose. I hope I manage to get this one off lots of love Geema


    1. Ah no that’s so annoying! I wrote a blog post the other day and that deleted, so frustrating isn’t it. Haha G’ma no naked man cafes here, think it’s against their religion. Well we could see the Buddha from the top of our hotel at breakfast and thought it was closer than in reality! Glad you’re keeping up to date. Love you xxxx


  5. Fab photos and fab commentary. I bet it was worth it when you got there. Did you both have a swim? Is the water warm? Keep the stories coming, enjoy your afternoon xxx

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  6. Nana just done a really long blog and its disappeared-she is beside herself!!!!! G’dad going mad!!! ha ha -it will be fun tonight at the Wileys!!! I might nip on a plane to see you instead xx

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  7. Hi Guys, what’s happening with the blog?? I also did a mega long blog posted it and its in cyber space!! Is it high season in Da Nong?? there’s so many tourists on the beach… can you find a space? Al I loved your hippie look, I had a similar one back in the sixties, Ol needs to grow a beard and some dreadlocks, you will be able to find him some loose fitting pants and a pair of Jesus sandals, he will never sweat again!! I am going to go through my archives to find my hippie gear, or is that obscene in your twilight years? You are cheeky monkies making it easier for us to spot the Swastikas, we are not that thick. Keep sending us your blogs, and remember suncream and water are the way forward!! enjoy your adventures we love to read them, missing you both, love Nan and G’dadxxxxx

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