It would be wrong of me to write a Chinese-ist caption 

Before I ramble on about today, here’s some pictures of last nights sunset. 

Today we were up bright and early in order to ride the worlds longest cable car in Ba Na Hills.

We had to queue for about 45 minutes with ignorant, shovy Chinese tourists who ‘pretended’ they’d accidentally jumped the queue. Me and Ol were really annoyed at them elbowing us, so we politely shoved them back and had the odd word, too.  The queue went up an escalator, but there was stairs beside it. Being the only people competent to walk some stairs, we managed to queue jump at this point.

Then I wondered why I’d chosen to go on cable cars as I’m terrified of heights – but the views were amazing.

We then walked to the top of the hill, whereas all the other lazy bums got the train (we refused to pay 70,000VND).

And we even managed a picture together by using the camera’s timer.

P.s. The tissue on Olly’s shoulder straps is to stop them rubbing – ha ha.

About to wander down to the beach as there’s pull up bars for Olly; I’m going to read my book, I have no energy for exercise.

Off to Hanoi tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “It would be wrong of me to write a Chinese-ist caption 

  1. It gets better by the day!! pull up bars on the beach…what kind of drinks do they serve? Vietnam is my kind of heaven.. pull up bars on beach..paradise how much were the gin and tonics?? I loved the pics of sunset and from cable cars, you are doing so much you must be exhausted, how Ollie can do exercises after all that I do not know, you still haven’t said which camera you are using for the fab pics..well really looking forward to your Hanoi adventure..take to you both Nan &G’dadxx
    p.s. Where are Ollies hippie pants??


    1. Ice tea, ice coffee, bubble tea (my fav), even had a cheeky mojito the other day! G&T was £1- bargain! Gdads camera of course Nan. Love you both! P.s. Have you ever see Ol in trousers (even in winter haha) xxx


  2. Good to talk to you today!!! Pics amazing as ever. Keep laughing about Ol doing pull ups on the beach in the rain burst whilst everyone else gone for cover. Think the chocolate cookie shake was well deserved!! Hope flight ok tomorrow…..keep safe. Love you loads!!!xxx

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    1. Yes it was lovely. Well maybe one cookie shake was deserved, not two, an ice cream, a McDonald’s and a double Pepsi 😂 we will let you know we’re there safely. We both love you too ❤️❤️❤️


  3. cure for shoulder straps rubbing—–let someone else carry it . Must be worth a few bahts to someone.
    One way of curing heightphobia Alice –go and do it . If you want to be chinesist you can, they need to be shown how to queue, as a lot of people in Oldham do. love from Geema


    1. Woah G’ma, I hope you’re not suggesting that I carry it! I think I’ve cured it, I was so nervous but I looked down the whole time – yay! Haha Chinese-Ist it is then. Mums let me know what’s going on, please send my love to Dad. Love you both millions xxxxxx


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