It turns out Hanoi is the capital after all

After much debate and discussion, it turns out Olly is right about Hanoi being the capital – I’m still stuck in the 50s when the country was split (and Ho Chi Minh was also the capital), oops.

Anyway, this morning we made the most of our flight delay and went to the beach so Ol could do pull ups and a run whilst I read my book.

The flight was the most turbulent experience ever – I thought I was going to die, but we eventually got to the crazy city.

We’ve decided it’s even worse than Ho Chi Minh for traffic, but the food is cheap and drink even cheaper – beer happens to be cheaper than water but neither of us drink it, thank god.
After this photo, I managed to convince Oliver to be a bit more adventurous, so he had Ba Minh (a ‘vietnamese’ hotdog) and some rice for just £1.20, so as you can imagine he’s over the moon.

I had the Pho (Noodle soup) and after several days of practise, I can safely say that I’m now an expert with the chopsticks!

We’re heading to Halong Bay tomorrow so my post may be later than normal.

We look forward to your comments.

Al and Ol 



12 thoughts on “It turns out Hanoi is the capital after all

  1. Hi you two, g’dad is panicking that you have only taken the pictures that you have posted!!Thicko!! but is delighted with the ones that you have taken…Sorry to hear that your flight was scarry, but I think that is the case with most internal flights,but as long as your safe and sound that’s all that matters… the noodle soup looks ahm does it taste better than it looks…you are adventureous. Hope everything is going to plan, missing you both, keep blogging…love to you both,Nan and Thickoxxxx

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    1. Yay Nan you’ve got your account back! I’ve taken millions, but here for 37 days so don’t want the slideshow to be too long like Shaun’s. I think it’s because there was a huge cloud, everyone was screaming haha. It tastes fab honestly. Missing you too Nan, we need to go to Leeds because they sell bubble tea which is fab over here. Love you too, Al and Thickoxxxx


  2. Hi there!!! You do know Alice that Olly will never let you forget that you were wrong and he was right…ha! Looking good with the chopsticks……you’ve come on such a lot from our time at Wagamama….ha! Glad you’re both safe and ready for your next lot of exploring. Miss you ….Love you loads!!!xxx

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  3. as the old Chinese proverb says —– never shove a chopstick up your nose. Explain how to drink soup with chopsticks must be a real art in that. !!!!!!!
    Are their pot noodles different to ours then Ollie ?? Keep enjoying the trip. lots of love geema

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  4. Alice you thicko, we thought you would know about Capitals!!! well done with the chopsticks, what does the soup taste like?? G’dad is worried that you have only taken the pictures that you have posted ..what a thicko!!! I seem to have a family of thicko’s. I thought Ollie would be emaciated after first week but he’s looking good..i must try a pot noodle myself, we are looking forward to your next adventure,take care love to you boths N&Gxxx psi have checked spellings to make sure I am not a thicko!!

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  5. Well, considering you’ve both studied a level geography, I’m beginning to wonder what you have actually learnt. I may train as a teacher as there doesn’t seem to be much teaching of a subject going on, it must be a doddle!!!!!! I love hearing all the stories and seeing the pics, they’re brill. Can’t believe Ol has gone for western foods, get on the chopsticks Ol, just to try. Enjoy your stay in the city. Where are you? Do you know????????? Love to you both, keep safe and keep happy xxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. We’re a bit slow because of the heat I think! Of course it’s a doddle… We’ll see on the 18th hahah. I’ll force him, at some point but today’s trip consists of a seafood lunch, so he’s buying sandwiches beforehand as he doesn’t eat fish! In Hanoi the capital. Love you too. So happy don’t worry xxxxxx


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