As if Jet Lag wasn’t bad enough

Our 8 hour round trip to Halong Bay was certainly an adventure, but completely worth every second. Olly claims he was sat next to a gay Greek who was touching his leg on the cramped bus but I beg to differ.

We enjoyed a sea food lunch on the cruise (not quite P&O G’ma), and Ol managed to eat a bowl of rice, and cheekily asked the table next to us if he could have there’s, too. The ship is empty because everyone is on the top deck admiring the views whilst Olly remains transfixed by the food!

Apparently the green waters are due to dragons weeing in the bay. 

We then went kayaking on a two man boat and Olly almost capsized us, not realising you’re not supposed to lean over the sides – Shaun we nearly said goodbye to your waterproof camera!

After this, we explored a cave although my camera isn’t the best in the dark!

We then sailed back to the port. 

When we got back to Hanoi at 8pm, we were starving. Olly ordered his usual sausage baguette but saw the girl who was making it eat the majority of his sausage haha.
We’re planning on exploring the old town tomorrow but Hanoi was thunderstorming this morning so not sure yet. I’m determined to try some ‘egg coffee’ tomorrow, with raw egg floating on the top of cold coffee.

Speak soon, 

Ol and Al



5 thoughts on “As if Jet Lag wasn’t bad enough

  1. Sounds like another fab day. The kayaking looks good too. Is there such a word as thunder storming????????? The coffee sounds awful, but go for it al, you may never get a chance again. Try to get Ol to try some too. I hope you get to see the old town tonorrow, love to you both xxxx

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  2. Peace and Love man!! Loving the hippie look Al, Al as you have no control over Olivers dress sense, I have ordered some special loose type hippie type trousers for him and I am having them delivered by FedEx express delivery, they should be with you in a couple of days, I have also knitted a Rastafarian hat and attached several dreadlocks [ I realise you cannot grow dreadlocks in 5 weeks] the beard is proving more difficult, however, i have sourced one, which should complete the look!!Ol you will love your new look, and I have an incline that you will be eating weird things and drinking cold coffee with raw eggs very soon!! I must admit the food situation has caused me to reconsider backpacking next year!! I do love my home comforts..The pics are fantastic, your adventure amazing, we are so proud of you two Country bumkins, most people in Settle and never been as far as Skipton!! lots of love Nanxx


  3. Hi… the Bay looks amazing and the kayaking fun!! Glad you had a good day and weren’t caught up in the flash floods…..hope tomorrow’s weather better so you get to see the old town whilst you’re there. Not sure about the egg coffee Alice?? H says he likes egg and coffee but definitely not in the same cup….good luck with that one!!! Love you!!xxxx


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