Egg Coffee is amazing 

Today, we were supposed to be exploring the Old Town but Olly was moaning because he wanted to go to the beach (which is impossible because it’s 4 hours away). I dragged him out of the hostel and we explored the city.

This is Hoan Kiem Lake.

El – I found a shop just for you.

For lunch, I tried the Vietnamese spring rolls – surprisingly good.

We walked back into the city in search of a mall, similar to the one in Da Nang (as they sold Ol’s favourite – cookies and cream milkshake). But, as we walked in we realised we were getting funny looks in our sweaty clothes, plastic bags and water bottles. It was a plaza selling Louis Vuitton, Dior etc. and we looked slightly out of place among the millionaires. 
We quickly made our escape (but not too quickly or else we’d have looked like thieves) and I finally bought my egg coffee.

I can wholeheartedly say it was the nicest coffee I’ve ever had and I’ll be going back tomorrow for a second one!
We’re going to a different restaurant tonight (having gone to the same one for 2 evenings and at lunch because Ol can buy 2 sandwiches for £1), and we’re getting excited for Cambodia tomorrow.

Speak soon,

Ol and Al x


6 thoughts on “Egg Coffee is amazing 

  1. Hi!!!! Just having chai latte with Deb’s at Lay of The Land cafe……I’m sure it’ll be tastier than yours…..can’t quite imagine it but good on you for giving it a go!!! Have a lovely evening ….Cambodia here you come!!!! Xxx

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  2. Hi guys, the coffee looked delicious but where was the raw egg floating in it, I feel sick just thinking about it!!! is there no end to your adventures? I bet your both shattered and looking forward to the beach for a much deserved rest… How much money do you need to be a millionaire in Vietnam, I’m thinking I could be one…take care on your travels tomorrow and look forward to hearing from you ..lots of love Nan and G’dadxxxxx


    1. No, it’s called a liquid tiramisu because the egg is mixed with condensed milk and sugar, almost like a meringue. Can’t wait for Sihanoukville, but we’ve got to look forward to the wonder of to world! Well you could say me and Ol are millionaires, drawing 2,000,000 out at a time haha (£60 ish). Love al xxxxx


  3. Hi guys, at nana and grandads on red wine, just couldn’t muster the confidence to put a raw egg in my wine!!!!!! Keep trying the local produce and enjoy your next adventures, love to you both xxx

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  4. Wow looks like your having an amazing time! Have to agree not so sure on the egg coffee. You’ll be glad to finally know we’ve been greated with some sunshine this morning but not the temperatures you’ll be experiencing. Hope your both well can’t wait to see what you get up to next. Miss you loads and I hope Ol’s keeping up with his bicep curls wouldn’t want him coming home jealous that mine are still bigger aha 😉


    1. Aw Han it’s lovely to hear from you, you don’t like coffee anyway you nugget! I’m glad about the sunshine, it’s well deserved – don’t get sunstroke though. We’re good but way too sweaty – we miss you too, Ollys missing the bullying and I’m missing the running chat and tweets;) of course he’s going to the gym to put those hunky Vietnamese men to shame – he wouldn’t want your biceps to be bigger than his now would he? Enjoy sunny settle, I’ll speak to you soon. Hope the job is going okay and you’re still smashing them runs xxxxxx


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