Quick post…We’ve arrived

It’s been a very long day and we’re very sleepy so I’ll keep the post short. We had a fab day trailing from cafe to cafe in Hanoi before our flight (I even had another 2 egg coffees).

At the airport, I was escorted off by security as I had 3 electrical items in my checked luggage – Ol was in a world of his own and didn’t realise I was being taken away and we both got into a bit of a fluster as he thought I’d been kidnapped. I had to unwrap all my bag and I was so scared but were laughing about it now.

The plane was half empty and there was nobody in first class but we didn’t have the bottle to ask if we could sit there.

Got to the airport and thought we’d been forgotten about again, but our taxi driver was busy tucking into a bowl of chips and forgot to hold his sign up. It turns out it was a Tuk Tuk he was driving, with hardly enough room for me and Ol nevermind the massive rucksacks – but it was a laugh going over the bumpy roads.

Having some card issues but I’m sure it will be okay in the morning, we’ve booked to go quad biking (providing my card allows me to draw out money). Going to sleep now,

Speak soon.

Al and Ol xxxxxxxxxx

P.S. The receptionist asked me to confirm if my booking was for an adult and a child – poor Ol.


9 thoughts on “Quick post…We’ve arrived

  1. Not like you to be so passive Alice! you are obviously very chilled out now and far too relaxed!! I am sure your cards will be ok-we always have problems but contact your bank and they should sort it out. Let us know if we can do anything here? The pictures/blog are great-we really look forward to reading it as a family every night. Crikey we are envious but so proud!! Your pictures are wonderful-we love them but you both look so young-about 12 we’d say!! The egg coffee sounds nice-try and ask them how they make it so we can do some at home? Glad Ollingtons has found gym equipment and Western food- we love you Ollie!!!
    Keep on experiencing true life and enjoying it- treasure every day out there and save all those memories for your old age! Shaun is very proud of you and your organisation so far-you can defo come to South America with us!! take care kids- we are all so proud of you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. we’ve sorted it with the bank now. Haha well somebody told us we were very mature actually. I will make some egg coffee for you all at Home don’t worry. He loves you all too. Oo we can’t wait for our next adventure xxxxxxxxx


  2. You didn’t ask to go in first class, G’dad said you must have very little if the wileman gene…but I think you have a lot of my genes especially in the brain department…….well your adventure continues and it has become the highlight of our day, ~Rachel was saying that its much cheaper in Cambodia so you and Ols will be very happy, I love the tut tuts but aren’t they frightening, the way they weave in out of the traffic.. but its all part and parcel of your holiday, love you both millions, nanxxxxxxxx


    1. We didn’t want to offend the already rowdy Cambodians! Yes of course, the genes are all yours Nan! Thank god for that then Rach, so long as we can actually get out the money haha. Love you millions, Al xxxxxxxxx


  3. already sent a post, but it disappeared again and I can’t remember what I wrote now .Anyway glad you have arrived , but it would help a great deal IF WE KNEW WHERE. Like everyone else I can’t believe you were shy about asking for an upgrade. They can only say yes or no. I tried once coming back from US , but didn’t get it. Grandad must have looked scruffy !!!!!!!.Hope the hotels are good standard . The food sounds (interesting) . I still can’t get my head round egg coffee. I don’t even like latte.


    1. Aw no, Nana and Rach seem to be doing that too so I don’t blame your technical abilities! I’ve told you, go on the ABOUT section and it says I’m in Siem Reap G’ma – it’s on the top right of my blog. Haha well if Grandad looked scruffy then me and Ols had no chance then! This hotel is nice there’s just no air con and a lousy fan instead. I’ll make you an egg coffee so you’ll have to try it. Love you xxxxx


  4. Sorry I missed your calls today…..I can’t believe it!! Let me know in the morning if you need me to do anything about your card. Your selling the egg coffee to me a bit more now Alice since you said it’s like Tiramisu!!! Hotel sounds lovely on Ol’s message …..free smoothie on arrival and Dinner for two voucher …….you’re almost celebrities!!! (One adult/one child ha! ha!). Keep safe. Love you loads!!! Xx

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    1. It’s okay, we rang them of Ollys phone and he’s dead worried about the cost but it’ll be okay! We’ve hopefully sorted it now anyway. Yes I’ll make you one when we’re home. I know feel very posh, the room isn’t as nice as the rest of the hotel but can’t complain? Will do. Love you loads xxx


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