I think I may have to bring home a Cambodian Child

Today, we spent all our money on a 2 hour quad bike through the countryside in Cambodia – it was one of the best things we’ve done, despite only having $1 left over for lunch (pot noodle, yay).

It’s not quite the Yorkshire Dales, though.

Our guide was hilarious (there was just us two on the trip), and he took us to a rural market (we got some funny looks), a crocodile farm (I almost got my arm snapped off by poking one with a stick), and we met the cutest kids ever! We’re going to be like Pitt and Jolie with our Cambodian family…

We then chilled for the afternoon – we were supposed to go to Tonle Sap (a floating village)  but ran out of dollar, so we will go another day haha. Instead, we ended up spending our afternoon by the pool.

We’re going to Angkor Wat tomorrow (a wonder of the world) for sunrise, so we’re getting up at 4.30 – hopefully it will be worth it!

Speak soon,

Ol and Al xxxxx

P.s. Internet is really temperamental so it takes ages to upload the pics, you’ll have to be patient X


7 thoughts on “I think I may have to bring home a Cambodian Child

  1. Didn’t think I could get any more jealous but I just have! Your having an amazing time, looks fantastic! But please do hurry up home I’m missing you guys Billy no mates here. Can’t wait for a good catch up and to hear all your stories! Reading your blogs is the most exciting part of my holidays so far lol. Missing you loads! Keep safe xxxx


  2. OMG, you have had a right saga with money problems etc., glad that they are now sorted!! I thought you might have resorted to cannibalism!! or Ols could have sold you as a Thai bride, he would have had enough money to last the day!!! but alls well that ends well. The pics are fantastic and you make us laugh, so keep up the Blogs and we look to hearing from you both…keep safe, love you loads, Nan and G’dadxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s How many Cambodian children are you bring back???


  3. Stop poking crocodiles with sticks!! Angkor Wat will blow your mind and you definitely have to be there early to see the sun behind the buildings which changes the colours. You must also stay till sunset as that is even more impressive (and Shaun and I managed to sneak in “off limits” areas after most normal tourists had gone by sweeet talking a guard) I now class you and Ols as proper travellers and not normal tourists so make the most of any opportunity!!
    Always remember, a day travelling is worth more than a year at University!!
    Rach and Shaunxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  4. Well you can’t beat a good pot noodle…make sure Oli doesn’t eat yours aswell, I know you def won’t get any of his!! Looks like you’re having an awesome time and cramming plenty into your trip..though egg coffee makes the stomach churn a little just thinking about it ..Yorkshire tea (or maybe a wee drop of wine if with Mrs Whitham) every time!!
    Take care lots of love to you both xxxxx
    ps watch where you’re poking that stick Alice!!


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