Corrupt Police

We woke up at 4.30am today, bright and early in order to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat; it would be straightforward – cycle to Angkor and walk round the temples, but no.

Olly went flying this morning as we were trying to be quiet – he slipped on the floor and threw his bottle across the hallway, landing on his backside (which he claims is ‘bruised’) so much for not waking the hotel up. It was one of them moments where you don’t know whether to be concerned or laugh – I chose the latter.

We grabbed our squeaky, gear-less bikes and pedalled in the pitch black (with no helmets or lights as they didn’t have any), down unlit roads, supposedly towards the temple. We reached the gates, but apparently we needed a ticket, even to watch the sunrise. It turns out the ticket office was 16km away and we were going to miss the sunset, so Olly started sulking. Eventually, I got a backie on the back of a policemans moped, and for $5 we each rode to the ticket office, got tickets and managed to get there just in time for the sun rise at 5.45 am.

The first think Olly said when I reminded him it was a wonder of the world – “well it’s not that wonderful” Mr.Ungrateful!
We ended up cycling 35 kilometres altogether and almost died – there was no cushioning on the seats and the brakes didn’t work. We also weren’t used to cycling on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and had to use our initiative when crossing traffic lights – supposedly red, green and amber lights all mean ‘go’.

We got lost despite having a map and ended up at this temple.

When we got out of the temple, Olly had lost the key to the bikes so we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with two bikes chained to one another. Luckily, the guard found our key so I looked after it instead.

We then proceeded to the ‘tomb raider’ temple, where Lara Croft was filmed – but I’d lost my ticket. After about 10 minutes of pleading, they still refused to let me in, so I sent Olly with the camera whilst I sat on the floor looking sad in the hope they’d let me in – obviously not!

Credit to Olly the photographer for the above picture.

We then cycled back into Siem Reap in the desperate search of food. (Bearing in mind we ate our pre-packed breakfast at 6am which barely touched the sides.)

We found a restaurant called the Flying Zebra and treat ourselves to the worlds biggest pizzas!

It’s only 1.50pm here but we’ve had such an eventful morning, I felt a blog post was much needed.

We’re now just chilling by the pool, letting the lactic acid build up in our legs – we also walked 10 kilometres too!

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxxxxx


13 thoughts on “Corrupt Police

  1. It’s always lovely to read your blog and find out what is happening each day. It sounds like you’ve had a very memorable morning, one neither will forget, even with your mishaps!!!!!!! The photos look fantastic and don pleased you’re both seeing so much of Cambodia . Why 149 as a title? Enjoy your chilling afternoon, well deserved, after your huge pizza, bet you’ll be hungry again soon though 😆😁xxxxxx

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  2. Oh my goodness…..what are you two like losing things……glad to hear you haven’t lost each other!!! The pictures are amazing and I have to say the blog is keeping me sane…..just. I think you earned the giant pizza and also a well deserved rest. Keep enjoying !!! Be Safe!! Love you loadsxxx


  3. Yes Jayne-thank goodness they need each other and stick together like glue-we shall call them Dumb and Dumber now but who is dumber??????? Fab blog and pictures as always-even we didn’t get a policemans backie-you have to go 1 better!! I bet it wasn’t as good as Bazza and Orange the camels though!!!! The pizza should sustain you as a starter perhaps???? Enjoy the rest time in preparation for tomorrows antics/mishaps/…we await your tales each morning when we wake up …its great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Olly is definitely dumber, losing his card, the keys and nearly his phone haha! Yes we always go one better Rach! No bazza, orange, Shazza and Gazza top it all! Yes, it lasted me a while ahah, fingers and toes crossed it all goes to plan xxxxx


  4. The title does say corrupt Police, maybe it’s my eyesight!!! I hope you’re both still chilling by the pool, and that Olly got his half hour swim in, even though Olly, I must say, when I saw you this morning, you didn’t look much like you were swimming, more posing xxxxx love to you both lxxxx

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  5. Today’s post sums you too up perfectly! What are you like. I just hope your passports are safe so you get home. Looks amazing, loving the pictures. Enjoy your afternoon/ evening xxxx

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  6. I don’t know what is happening to my blog replies!!! I replied to yours early this morning, but when checking to see if you had commented on it …I could not find it, it must be the corrupt police they have sent it into cyber space, I cannot remember what I put now, but I must of commented on your mishaps, I will not say anymore as everyone else has probably commented similar and you will be feeling bad enough, alls well that ends well, love to you both, take care, look after your belongings!!!!! keep safe…looking forward to your next nanxxxxxxx

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    1. Hiya Nan, it’s dead confusing again, Rach has logged into your computer again, so I have commented on your post but you can’t see it as you’re logged onto her account. Rach – you need to log out again it’s getting so confusing. Love you Nan and Gdad xxxxx


  7. Ha ha -Nana’s messages seem to be appearing as if from me and Shaun-I will go round to hers and sort her computer out!! I think we are all members of the dumb and dumber family……its me using her computer and probably not logging out?

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  8. Thank-god for that.i thought I was going crazy,but just had a thought, as I am up in the middle of the night I am probably still logged onto Rachel’s account,so I will get her to sort it out, speak to you soonxxxxxxxxxxxx


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