Cheeky Tour Guide 

Today, we had a ‘lie-in’ after a long day yesterday. We woke at 7am and made our way to Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Asia as well as being home to several ‘floating villages’. Me and Ol are thinking of moving here – they don’t pay tax and the price of everything is tuppence.

After being ripped off for our boat trip down the estuary, we were pleased to know we were the only people on the boat – the tour guide didn’t like the Chinese, Turks, Japanese (or anyone else with a camera!), so it turned out to be a private trip. He spoke in broken English (or a load of twaddle as Grandad would say) and I left Olly to reply.

It turns out Olly told him he liked beer and crocodile.

When we stopped, the tour guide bought him a can of beer at 9.30 in the morning! Neither of us wanted it but felt rude not drinking it, so we pretended and then poured the rest into my coconut!

He also ended up with a python around his neck.

The guide tried to guilt trip us into buying a 50kg bag of rice for the poor infants whose parents had died by falling out of their houses during the wet season, but we weren’t prepared to give up $50 considering it’s much cheaper at Aldi and when we visited the orphanage, the guide helped himself to their rice anyway!

We’ve had an Indian for lunch but it didn’t settle well with Oliver so we’re just relaxing this afternoon before flying to Sihanoukville tomorrow. 

We’re feeling very grateful for everything having seen the poverty first hand over here! 

Speak soon,

Al and Ol 



5 thoughts on “Cheeky Tour Guide 

  1. Brilliant-Shaun says what a waste of beer!! Glad you weren’t conned by the poor story trick!! Did you hold the snake? I wouldn’t have dared!! Lots of teachers are asking how you are going on and very proud of you!!!xx


  2. Hi there!!! Another day ….another blog…fantastic!!! Beer for breakfast Ol….you’re almost a Hassle ha! Stick with the fresh coconut Alice. Glad there’s photographic evidence of the python this time Ol! You’re both looking fab and glad to read you’ve not lost anything today…….YET! Hope all goes well tomorrow. Love and miss you loadsxxx


  3. Lie in to 7.30am!!! what’s that about…you certainly have action packed days, you were probably on your adventure whilst I was up in the middle of the night..The snake looks scarry, I wouldn’t have dared to hold it..what did it feel like? I would have made a nice pair of shoes out of it…the kids in orphanage are cute, the one to far left looks about 90, poor thing..hope they are being looked after…The water in the lake looked very muddy..make sure you don’t fall in, looking forward to your next blog..relaxavous take care love you loads. Nanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s G’dad was pleased that you had mention him,he had a smug smile on his face!!! I’ve just been to Aldi and bout a ton of rice to send out to poor people

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    1. No sure if you got my reply, so I’ll send another – Ol says the snake was just muscly, not slimy! Water very dirty as they wash, poo and swim in it! Bless Gdad, bet he loves being internet famous! Love you both millions xxxxx


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