Ghost Town

We arrived in Sihanoukville after a short flight on the worlds smallest plane – I’m sure it was remote controlled as we don’t recall seeing a pilot. But it was our last internal flight, thank god!

We arrived at the tiniest airport and we were out within 5 minutes of landing!

Our hotel is lovely but it seems we are the only guests! When we arrived, we were starving and couldn’t find a cafe for miles – in the end we settled for translucent eggs on toast, and sat with the locals whilst they gawked at our white skin. I re-read the guide book and found we were in a deserted part of town, so we’re checking out tomorrow and moving to a more vibrant area!

Nevertheless, we found a cool restaurant for tea – Olly had bolognaise pizza with an egg plonked on top (weird!) and I had carbonara, clearly we’re over-cautious about trying new things! 

Olly thoroughly enjoyed his ‘rainbow pancake’.

Also, the view from our hotel is lovely, it’s just a shame about those thick, grey clouds – have you been sending them over from Settle?

Hopefully we will be in a much better location tomorrow night, looking forward to a chilled day on the beach (fingers crossed for sunshine)!

Lots of love,

Al and Ol xxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Ghost Town

  1. It looks lovely where you are, so let’s hope the next hotel is buzzing with nightlife. I look forward to the blogs, as they keep me entertained. It’s schorchio here, 26 and humid, tomorrow is meant to be warmer!!!! Who needs Cambodia? Enjoy yourselves, and I hope the beaches are beautiful xxxxxxxxx

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  2. Hi there!!! I think you two are eating your way round…it makes me chuckle as every blog says you were starving and looking for some where to eat..ha! ….don’t like the look of the rainbow stuff on the pancake….were you buzzing after all that colouring Ol…what was it??? Hope you get somewhere else to stay and the clouds lift.Enjoy and stay safe. Love you loads!!!xx

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  3. i’m glad to get your message that the new hotel is much better. I think you’ve sent the sun to us. 8am and I’m sat in garden eating my breakfast although by the time I’ve written this I’ll probably have to go inside to avoid burning. Hope your both well and enjoy the rest of your trip. I’m going to enjoy this sun whilst it lasts which I can’t see being very long! Love you xxx

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    1. I’m glad that we sent the sun over although I think you’ve taken it from us!! Enjoy it whilst it’s there, hopefully we’ll have a hot summer this year. Hope all is well in Settle! We both love you too!!! XXXX


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