Relocation Relocation

Ol and I are quietly smug about changing hotels; I ended up arguing with the manager as there was no breakfast, welcome drink or gym in our initial hotel like it said on the website. In the end he offered to discount us $5 a night but it wasn’t good enough.

So here we are, 20km away from our original hotel, in a 4 star resort. We decided we deserved the luxury after A Levels.

It’s situated by the beach and next to a river.

I think we may have landed ourselves in paradise for the next 9 nights! 

Although, this afternoon it went cloudy but we made the most of it by going for a run and doing circuits on the beach!

Tonight we were supposed to be celebrating our maturity and initiative with cocktails and pizza, but the pizza oven wasn’t hot enough and they had no bases left despite just opening for the night, weird!
So we went to our trusted restaurant and Olly had his 3rd full English whilst I tried a sort of gingery fish dish!

We are so chilled we don’t have a plan for tomorrow as of yet.

All our love,

Al and Ol xxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Relocation Relocation

  1. Hi Guys, we have been laughing at your latest blogs…the rainbow pancake looked awful..what on earth was the rainbow made out of?? I do hope that you had some dihorylite[I know I’ve spelt that wrong] left!!!! I am liking the beach where you have relocated the Hotel nice? are you staying put or are you island hopping, it would be good for you both to have a rest for awhile before moving on…whatever you decide take care. Just to rub it in it’s 94 degrees in the shade here and bright sunshine not a cloud in the sky….. I was just going to brag to G’ma about what to do so as not to loose blog…when mine disappeared…however, I suggest that before sending reply to your blog,tick the box ..Notify me of new comments via email..that seems to work…Love to you both,take-care, Nanxxx[The computer expert]!!! whoops I’ve just lost my blog….


    1. Not sure about that rainbow but he hasn’t hallucinated yet thank god! Don’t worry we’ve not had to used any yet… Hotel is amazing, 4* – I’ll take pictures today to show you! Island hopping soon but chill axing at the moment. Yes it’s hotter in settle than Cambodia at the moment! Haha you loser!! Love you both too!! Don’t lose it again it’s so frustrating xxxxx


  2. Thats my girl–well done you wily young pair!! Don’t ask don’t get…..
    enjoy as you certainly deserve it and won’t get it often!!!
    Rach and Shaun xxx


  3. Fantastic blog today, pictures look fab. When I saw the rainbow pancake, I thought it was a pair of your knickers in the crepe, but remembered I’d only allowed 3 plain pairs to reduce the weight!!!!! Is there anyone on the beach at all? I hope you’re swimming every day. Just to let you know, when I get my text that the blog is up, and I’m at work, I tell my colleagues and they all huddle around my computer whilst I read your adventures and they look at the pics. It’s the highlight of our working day, and gets my colleagues through the afternoon, so you can imagine how good it makes the family feel. I wish I was there, enjoy this wonderful experience and look after each other xxxxxxxx


    1. Thank you haha! Yes but we walked to a part where nobody was. Yes we’re swimming everyday don’t worry. I feel under pressure now to impress your colleagues! Wish you were with me. Love you millions xxxxxx


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