Waterfalls and Brexit 

We decided in the midst of a thunderstorm..to visit a waterfall – clearly we woke up with our ‘sensible’ heads on this morning. We got absolutely soaked in the Tuk Tuk for 30 minutes and managed to get wetter on the way there than we did in the waterfall. 

Anyway, luck was on our side and the sun came out when we got there.

Olly was a wimp and didn’t want to get his shoes wet, so I went into the waterfall on my own.
When we arrived back at our hotel, it was only 10.30 so we chilled on the beach and read for a bit before getting a bite to eat. When we came back, two couples started talking to us (one Cambodian, one American) and asked Olly why the UK left the EU; he said “I’ve got no idea, ask her” so I had to explain to these people, who interrogated me about our politics, and then got onto Trump and ASEAN – slightly too much when all I wanted to to was read my book and eat my ice cream! 
On a lighter note, Nana – I’m wearing your top!

Tonight we went out to the same place again and Ol tried Amok curry but was not impressed at all! I had squid so we’re becoming much more adventurous. We’ve booked a boat trip to an island tomorrow, very exciting! 

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxx


18 thoughts on “Waterfalls and Brexit 

  1. We couldn’t stop laughing at your latest blog heading…omg what lovely pictures, the waterfalls look amazing and so does my top [I wish it looked like that on me! {don’t stretch it]…Your hotel looks quite posh, talk about Posh and Becks…they have nothing on you two. Grandad was laughing at you having to explain the politics of Brexit, you should have told them to mind their own business.. We are looking forward to your island trip blog tomorrow, take care,Nanxxxxxx


    1. It’s hard to keep the whole family entertained, so I’m very proud! They were ace, it cooled me right down! I’ll try not to stretch it don’t worry! I know we’re in the height of luxury here… I know they were nosy Americans. Love you loads xxxxx

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  2. Hi…ooh it looks amazing…could do with that waterfall here now as it’s red hot!!! Ol should have gone in even just to wash his shoes….and feet…ha! ha! I’m sure you coped with the brexit questions Alice and you’re definitely keeping us entertained here…..so thanks! Must go now and find H….think he’s in a darkened room now he’s a year older…or maybe he’s eating those chocs you left him…..he says thanks to both of you for your pressies. Look forward to tomorrow’s pics. Have fun. Love you loads!!!xx


  3. I had the Amok curry and thought it was gorgeous!!! Love the waterfall-I am so envious guys xxxxx Great to see you before Alice-I know you are properly ok now having actually spoke to you and seen you but what have you done with Ollingtons? Not sold him for an “Orange” camel???


      1. Am trying again. I DO love my computer, it is really really efficient and does everything I want. LOL LOL LOL. I said originally I like the waterfall. Is that where the poor people go for a shower ?? If you had taken shampoo, you could have done the advert.
        Like the cheek of the Yanks asking about our politics when the are about to make Donald Chump the leader of the western world. Go figure as they say over there. Will give this another go coz I unplugged my router twice now. I had an omelette for my tea , but couldn’t do a rainbow one . Really weird Ollie, but I will practice for if you ever visit again. Love from Geema


  4. trying again coz I really luuuuurv my computer, it does everything I want on it lol.
    Love the waterfall, perhaps the poor people use it as a shower. Funny about Americans asking Brits about politics when they have Donald Chump ready to run the western world. Go figure as they say.
    Glad you have settled for the luxury life. (It is better isn’t it?) Well I will quit while I am ahead , this may get through love geema

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    1. Yay G’ma, well done it’s working! I know very typical of the Americans although I think they strongly condemn trump… Waterfall was wonderful and it was much more powerful than the showers here. A bit of luxury is fab once in a while, love you xxxx


  5. It was lovely to speak to you earlier, I didn’t realise you could see me, next time I will do my hair and make-up and make sure I am presentable!! I was in the midst of feeding the 5000 so forgive me,,,could not resist in sending pics of the meal you were missing… everyone enjoyed it..did you spot the rainbow slime inside? I have frozen a portion for Ols on his return, oh and I have ordered a couple of snakes to play with!! missing you loads..Nanxxx


    1. Nana it was so blurry I could hardly see you anyway but you looked beautiful as ever! Tea looked so good I’m well jel… Glad you didn’t put rainbow stuff in it… Lovely to speak to you. Love you lots xxxx


  6. I’ts nearly 3.30am and I am wide awake!!! I think I must be Maggie Thatchers twin she only needed a few hours Sleep!!! when I awoke I was thinking about G’ma and her saying something about a router!! well I am well jel..I thought I was the next Stephen Hawkins but it appears not G;ma is ahead of me…ah but wait!! I forgot to mention that as I also have been loosing my blogs I decided to tick every box I could find on the end of your blogs and guess what! not only do I get blogs on the original blog site..i also get them in my emails…this means I get to read them twice and as a bonus I get to read the other comments… Well tonight G’dad was devastated… Ellie Grace had her meal…had a sleep…said a few one liners and got ready to leave..G’dad was begging her to stay but she said she had things to do and places to go and left.. see said “See ya” G’dad looked so sad he said “that’s it I have one Grandaughter on the other side of the world and one off to Blackpool” I told him to get over it… we only see Els once a week and we miss you both loads but i guess this is something we will have to get use to.!!
    Well you are probably on your way to the island you are visiting…so look forward to hearing all about it,take care,love you loads. Nanxxxxx
    ps; It looks like Donald Trump is winning it’s so scarry!!!
    pps; On the photo where you are under the waterfall, I think Ollie is behind you, he has the same physic!![god I hope he also has a six pack or I am in deep trouble]xx


    1. Aw Nana bless you! When you’re awake in the early hours, we’re also awake… Well done for figuring out the blog anyway! Bless him, you know I always stay unless I have work! I like to be fed then Corrie! We miss you too!!! Love you lots xxxxx
      Yes think the guy has a six pack, wouldn’t want to offend Ol’s xxxx

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