Today we went to one of the most beautiful islands ever, Koh Rong.

We thought we had plenty of time to get ready after our full English but we had a knock at our door before we even had chance to put our sun cream on!

The boat trip was rather buoyant but worth it.

According to Olly I ‘forced him’ to walk away from the crowds of tourists onto a secluded beach (to which he wasn’t happy about as he was getting sand everywhere)! 

But, when we found a shack selling wood fired pizza, he was soon in a better mood.

We hired some snorkels for the day but couldn’t find anything bigger than a zebra fish… We were more worried about brushing against each other under water as we both screamed and panicked each time thinking it was a shark…

The water was as clear as anything and we behaved like little children and jumped off the pier – oops!

So we didn’t miss the last ferry, we made our way back early as we didn’t want any more mishaps.

I bought this for $2 and it was the nicest fruit I’ve ever tasted – Mum why do you never buy this at Aldi?

We took LOADS of pictures today – thought this sign was funny, I know swearing is bad don’t worry I read it in my head!

We got back to our hotel and went out for tea, to see the most gorgeous sunset.

I even treated myself to a Singapore sling!

Today has been so good but full on, so I’ve agreed to play football with Olly all day tomorrow as he’s been like a kid every time he sees one, pointing and shouting ‘football’ – think he’s having withdrawals.

Apologies for the late post, we’ve just been cramming so much in!

Love you all lots,

Speak tomorrow,

Al and Ol xxxx


10 thoughts on “Islanders 

  1. wow wow and more wow!!! So pleased you are having such a wonderful time-the pink fruit with the black seeds is the one I was trying to describe-its their local fruit and is a big ball with spiky bits if you buy it whole-they also do a white version. Try and get it whole as it will be cheaper and you’ll get more!! crikey I miss these countries!!!

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    1. It’s fab, and then fruit is so nice although haven’t a monkeys what it’s called? I’ve had the white one but not as good. It was well cheap that fruit thing filled me up so much.. We want to come back already as we want to do Battambang and Phnom Penh! XXXX

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  2. Aww ….you two look so happy…Love the pic with you both in the water laughing……did you not notice that shark behind you..ha! ha! Glad to see you’re getting your fruit intake…..not sure it counts in the cocktail but bet it was good!!! Miss you so much but makes me happy to know you’re having a blast! Keep enjoying and be safexxx

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      1. hello again ( I think) beautiful pictures. Was the boat ride anything like the white water rafting anything like the ride to St Lucia??? Re football Ollie—- Sam Allardyce is the new England manager, Pogba going to Man U for £100 mill and £200,000 per week. WOW .Go get your boots on !!
        What is the time difference by the way ?. lots of love Geema

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  3. …….hell! just done a really long blog and scrolled back to see where you are tomorrow [so I don’t look a whally] and the flaming lot disappeared…..just to recap, I am so jealous…the place looks amazing it looks just up our street, was the snorkling good [please say it was as this could sell Cambodia to G’dad] incidently he is very interested at the mo,just don’t tell him how long the flight is!!. I loved the pics of you both,especially the ones in the sea and where you are sitting down waiting for your pizza’s, just where do you to put all the food you are consuming?? you are like an old married couple having a full English then pizza for lunch then off for evening dinner, the full English would have kept me and G’dad going until supper. The Singapore Sling looked very inviting, how much in English pounds for the cocktail and fresh fruit? Well you must be looking forward to another adventure tomorrow,keep safe,love to you both Nanxxxxxxx

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    1. Aw no you loser that’s well annoying! Snorkelling was good but we needed to go further out and there was quite a strong current so we didn’t, the water was clear on the islands and the sea very warm – there were tree houses that you could stay in, they looked fab. Well you could always stop off in Dubai for a few nights and go shopping, that would break it up haha! Well I assume we’re swimming/sweating it off… Fresh fruit is about £1.50 and it was absolutely huge. I almost couldn’t eat it all, Ol had to help me out so I’m assuming you could share it with Gdad. Cocktails are the same but the $2 ones are mega strong, so I went to another place where they are $3 and they’re much nicer and not as harsh. They sell a coconut shake with baileys and dark rum that I may have to try tomorrow. Beer is dirt cheap, 50 cents for one (about 30p!) Gdad would be happy. G&T only $1-1.50 so you’ll be fine, most places do happy hour too… Love to you and Gdad xxx


  4. Hi Alice and Ollie, this island looks fabulous, and the pictures are brilliant too. You both look so happy, I’m sure you’re soaking it all up. Can’t believe you’ve got plans to go back again and you’re still there!!!!! Been to Aldi tonight and they have a Cambodia fruit offer on this Sunday, so in getting lots for me and Ellie. Keep smiling, keep happy, and keep taking lots of photos. Love to you both xxxxxxxxx ps, I could tell who’s pizza was who’s by the ingredients!!!!!!! Xxxxxx


    1. It was amazing, we plan to visit another soon! I know we love it. Olly says it’s not his kind of holiday (but he loves it) and he wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for me! Well jel, I bet I don’t get special treatment when I’m home… Haha I bet you could. Love you xxxx


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