So laid back we’re almost horizontal 

Today was largely a chilled day meaning we did nothing but eat, sunbathe and swim.

After our full English, Ol finally bought his football which pacified him for a few hours. It was too hot to play on the sand, so we ended up playing volleyball in the sea instead!

Some annoying children in our hotel were running riot and bombing in the pool so any chance of peaceful reading in the sun was diminished. We retreated back to the beach and watch a thunderstorm develop.

It was actually very aesthetic!

Currently waiting for our tea and we’re just going to chill (again) tomorrow. I will try to convince Ol to walk 5km to another beach but we’ll see!
Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxx

P.s. Just having desert now – Ol having a chocolate pancake and me a coconut milkshake with baileys haha! Home comforts… 


8 thoughts on “So laid back we’re almost horizontal 

  1. About time…it’s alright you being laid back..but what about us waiting for the next blog! the thunderstorm looked amazing, and there were actually other people on the beach!! the sun loungers looked more luxurious that the ones we had in Lanzagrotte! Glad to hear you are not skipping any needs nourishment…I think Ols is more camera shy than me, why is he covering his face? Well it looks like thats it for today…how very dare you to be to you both Nanxxxxxx


    1. Oh I do apologise… I know there wasn’t any rain, just thunder and lightning! The sun loungers were from a cafe. Olly does not like the camera one bit haha but I’m forcing the selfies! We never thought we’d be relaxed again after 2 years of A levels haha. Love you xxxx

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      1. hello u 2
        beach looks like Benidorm ( LOL) Not fighting Germans for loungers then? Our ” heat wave seems to have disappeared already. Did last 24 hours tho’ , but I,m not back in bedsocks yet. Hope you are not turning into an Alki with all those slings and things. I seem to have passed my communication difficulties over to your mum from the sound of it.( Touching wood. ) love Geema

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      2. Hiya,
        Nothing like Benidorm haha! No we’ve got a lot of choice, no fighting. No Germans! Fingers crossed for another heatwave, don’t worry, I’ve only been having one at a time (at most one a day haha)! Yes I think you may have…love you xxxx


  2. Now I know what addicts are like waiting for their next fix cos I’m like nana just waiting for the next blog…’s fabulous!! Hope that thunderstorm didn’t last too long and cleared for a nice evening.Enjoy your desserts….you’ll sweat them off tomorrow. The Bailey’s shake sounds particularly nice!!. Love you loads!!!!xxx

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    1. It’s always nice to know we’re getting instant replies! We enjoy the thunderstorms as it’s much cooler, although we’re still getting sunshine during the day. They were fabulous, wish we could have another but on a tight budget now! Love you loads xxxx

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  3. Just lost all my writing, and it was an essay, so enjoy your chilling time, you both deserve it. Have a good think about going to the killing fields though, it’d be worth it. Love to you both, have a cocktail for me xxxxxxxxxxx

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