WAGs and beaches 

So today I was told by a South African that I’m going to be a WAG when I’m older and I’ll only have to prance around and look pretty all day… Highly unlikely considering Olly is now ‘rubbish’ (in his words) at football having not played it for 2 WHOLE weeks!

He also said the main reason he came on holiday was because he knew he could watch live football, so last night consisted of witnessing Man-U lose miserably…

Today we played football and volleyball all morning, had an early lunch and chilled around the pool for the afternoon – we’re enjoying reading in the shade and somebody even commented we’re like an old married couple haha?

We went for a walk this evening to another town and I had the most amazing chicken burger whilst Ol had two toasties – of course the ball came with us on the trip!

There was an amazing sunset on our way back!

​Here’s a video of me doing 1 million kick-ups, putting Ol to shame (not sure if it’ll work on my blog, comment if you can see the video.)
We’re enjoying relaxing so much that we’ve decided to do another day of nothing (football) then visit an island the following day.

Love you all lots,

Al and Ol xxxxx


8 thoughts on “WAGs and beaches 

  1. Alice, its called keepy uppy and the video worked. Just been reading a piece on Voice of America and it seems Chinese tourists are not popular anywhere especially in Vietnam. Poor you having to watch Man U. Every cloud as they say !!!. Pogba not signed yet, but David Moyes replaced Big Sam at Sunderland, Steve Bruce walked from Hull. Its all happening here Ollie .Is it nice to be chiilin for a change ? Love from Geema

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    1. Sorry G’ma, I’m not down with the kids with football terminology! Yes well they’re ignorant and rude… Well I was reading my book so it wasn’t too torturous. Thanks for the football updates (sending me to sleep haha) Olly appreciates them! Lovely to be chilling, feels like we’re on two different holidays.. Love you xxxx

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  2. Hi there!!! Just on the blog with nana Marie…..she thinks it’s amazing, especially the keepy-uppies Alice. Think you’re really getting into relax mode now….enjoy!!!: keep safe. Love you loads!!!xxx

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  3. Liked the keepy uppies!!! did you do more then Ollington…..Ollington when are you going to be adventurous and try something snakey or slimy or monkeyish, toasties are so yesterday.

    If you become a WAG would that mean that I would be a Nana Wag, I really like the sound of that….and I am sure I would love the lifestyle.
    Its good to hear that you are both relaxing, look forward to tomorrows blog…keep safe…love you..Nan &G.dadxxxx


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