Where has the time gone?

We realised that we’ve been away now for 3 weeks; in some ways, it feels like forever but in others…time flies!

Today was like our other chilling days, except when we checked the time it was almost 5 o clock and we’d been reading all day, obviously engrossed in our books. Ol has almost finished his Lord of the Rings trilogy and I’m on my 4th book – who says holidays aren’t educational?

I realised today that I’ve complimented the hotel without showing you any pictures, so here you go…

Our bungalow
Where we have breakfast and a pool bar! (Like on Benidorm)The view of the river running into the seaOliver in the kiddies section of the pool haha.

Tonight was one of the clearest nights so we enjoyed the sunset with our dinner.

We then walked to the pier to watch it set.
It was gorgeous.
On our way back, we went to the local shop to buy boat tickets for tomorrow, some water and ice cream when Olly was attacked by a dog…

Well I say a dog it was the cutest 4 week old orphan puppy and we were temped to sneak it home with us!

Getting another early night ready for another island tomorrow.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. Hi!! Ooh the hotel looks lovely. Can’t believe how quiet it looks…..can’t even see the noisy children round the pool today. Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset pics!!! Cute dog……what about the rabies jab???? Miss you both…..Love you loads!!!! (Enjoyed talking to you before)xxxx

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      1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I want one.( puppy) Hotel looks lovely and obviously in a good location. Even sunsets included. I looked up Kep, it doesn’t look too far away, for your next trip. Question—— is the time you post your comments in GMT ? Just realised— stupid question — it’s time received .Bear with me its coz I’m old.
        Lots of love Geema

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      2. G’ma it was so cute🙈 yes it’s only 2 hours away. I’d love to have stayed on an island as there’s bioluminescent plankton but we didn’t get the chance! Haha silly question, love you xxx


  2. Trust Jane and I to think exactly the same thing, rabies!!! then I thought looking at the size of the dog and the size of Oliver’s foot it didn’t stand a chance, but do be careful they look so cute but keep your distance, so glad you didn’t take it back to your hotel!!!
    Well what can I say about the Hotel, it looks fab! Posh and Becks stayed last year and they enjoyed it that was until they got rabies!!! The pics are great, what wonderful sunsets, there never seems to be any people about is it an excl
    usive island just for you two? You didn’t say what you had for dinner tonight!!let me guess, was it pizza!!
    Aw Alice,just look at your freckles… you look so young and beautiful, and I think I noticed a few on Ollington!!
    Well can’t wait til tomorrows escapade I will be thinking of you both…enjoy, stay safe, miss you both and love you,Nanxxxxxx
    ps G’dad is reading Geema’s book and is hooked on it, another excuse for him to do nothing!!


    1. You worrier, it barely had teeth haha! It’s such a nice hotel and the breakfast was lovely… There’s hardly anyone on this part as most people are in the party area haha. No actually, I had a tuna baguette and Ol had omelette and rice! Yes I’m becoming very freckly.. I’ll be one big freckle when I’m home. Love you xxxx
      P.s. At least it keeps him out of your way – i was so addicted to my book, I finished it in one day!


  3. The bungalow looks fantastic and I love the fact you are reading, playing games and in bed early then up early-no nightclubs or stupid antics for you 2 travellers! We are all so proud of you both. You look so young and fresh on your pictures- like you should have your mums looking after you!!! but you are so independent and together are making such a great team!! We love your blog and it really helps us not worry about you both. Keep living the dream ….. Rach and Shaun xx

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  4. Yet another fab blog. I love reading the title only!!!!! I bet it’s Ben lovely to chill out too and sometimes, the less you do, the more tired you become. Enjoy tomorrow, when the blogs up, I’ll be rallying my mates around the computer to look at the photos. I don’t need to go as I feel like I’ve been there already. Keep safe and happy xxxxxxxxxx

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