When the slow boat goes faster than the speedboat 

Today is another ‘one thing after another’ days. We were supposed to get picked up at 8am to make it in time for our boat, but we saw the Tuk Tuk drive past and at 8.20 we realised they’d forgotten us. (The hotel manager managed to sort it out!)

We found out the ferry we got on the other day had broken so about 200 people piled onto a ferry with a capacity of 100- it was a bit like the titanic as there definitely weren’t enough life vests for everyone. Anyway, we set off and huge plumes of black smoke were coming from the engine, yet the driver carried on until the boat felt like it was going to explode; I kept having visions of you seeing us on BBC news like ‘British tourists killed by an overcapacitated boat’. The driver decided to reduce the speed to 20mph so it took almost 2 hours to get there when it should’ve taken 45 minutes – even the slow boat overtook us.

When we got there, it was barren except from a few hotels so Mr.Pessimistic said ‘for gods sake, I’ve wasted $20 coming to an island with nothing on it’.

Meanwhile, I took photos of the views, clearly grateful.

Olly soon got out of his sulk and we played football all morning after unsuccessfully walking to a waterfall (we couldn’t find it!)

Then my genius idea of latching onto the back of a tour group to find a waterfall worked…

Jayne…Olly actually got in it this time!

We killed time in the shade by going on the swings and buying overpriced fruit.

When it turned 4pm and the ferry hadn’t turned up, we started to worry. We walked to the end of the pier and found a ‘pirate’ ship telling us to get on. It transferred us to another pier and we had to get on a party boat as our ‘speedboat’ had broken down, great. We were sandwiched between a Chinese family who took endless photos and bellowed down our ears. Coupled with excruciatingly loud music, I went to the office when we docked ready to complain to find nobody was in, so I’m livid about that! 

But, we enjoyed the nicest sunset with a bargain tea! Olly had an Oreo milkshake and 2 toasties and I had a chicken burger and a shandy for $4… (It was free beer but neither of us like it so I cheekily asked for mine with lemonade haha) 

Going to chill tomorrow as we walked a lot today.

Speak soon,

Love Al and Ol xxxxx


10 thoughts on “When the slow boat goes faster than the speedboat 

  1. well NOW I’m worrying. As you know, I don’t feel comfortable with posh speedboats in the Caribbean, never mind clapped out motorised rowing boats, I would have committed hari kari being on yours. Anyway all’s well that ends well, you both got back. FORTUNATELY . Be careful who you start following people, you never know where they are going !!!!! Could be a load of refugees and you finish up in Greece via Turkey. Always look on the bright side of life eh ?? Think of all the life experiences you are gaining. The photographs are really good and will be amazing when enlarged, the skies are especially good. Keep enjoying yourselves lots of love Geema

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    1. Don’t worry we can both swim! Don’t worry they weren’t pirates, the boat was made up to look like one, more like a tourist boat! True haha but don’t worry we have our heads screwed on… Just. The photos are so good I can’t wait to do a slideshow and get them printed, we’ve also took lots of Polaroids too! Love you xxxx

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  2. Sounds like you’ve had another eventful day. It’s a good job you both have life saving skills, sounds like you nearly needed to use them!!! So glad Ol went under the waterfall too. How was the shandy? Hope it Was refreshing, can’t believe you r been gone over 3 weeks already and you’ve packed so much in. Better get ready for boxercise now, with el. Love to you both xxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Well you are certainly gaining lots of life skills, the world will be your oyster from now on, I can see Australia and New Zealand on the horizon!!! I suppose the boats are an every day occurrence to the Cambodians and Chinese, but to the ones that are used to Caribbean Cruises they must cause great concern!! The pics are great and sunsets amazing, I like the swings on the beach…Chill out to tomorrow and look after yourselves, love Nanxxxxx


  4. OMG-brilliant- you make Shaun and I so proud of you! Latching on to a tour group is the old favourite!! It is all so fantastic and you are certainly making the most of your adventure-its just fabulous! Each post brings more fabulous stories and we all love it here when we do the regular evening “family read/discussion” of your blog and discuss whether we need to fly out and rescue you or not!!! You are both so fantastic, just carry on enjoying your young and exciting lives, with this attitude you are going to be so knowledgeable/informed/experienced but most of all-enriched and happy xxxxxx We love you both so much and I miss you both!! and Shaun thinks you are doing just fine which is mighty good coming from him!!xxxxxxxxx

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    1. Haha were doing fine don’t worry – learnt from the best after all! Yes it’s much more than 2 years of A levels has ever done… We miss you too. I’ll take that as a very nice compliment – thanks Shaunie. Love you both xxxxxx

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  5. Just thought I would say hello, it’s the witching hour 3.05am and I am wide awake… thinking of you, its hard to believe that you are so far away…do you think you have been away forever? or does the time fly…I am sure you will not snap the tree in half..G’dad thinks that both you and Oliver look thin…if so.thats another reason for me to do the Cambodian experience,far more enjoyable than fat fighters!! will speak to you later when you have blogged,enjoy your day,stay safe and enjoy. Looooove Nanxxx

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    1. I noticed you were liking my posts at an ungodly hour! Thinking of you too, it’s been a long time but going fast as loving every minute of it! I know but I’m a worrier haha. We’ve been eating loads so looking thin is a mega compliment. We’re probably sweating it all off. Love you loads, it’s looking very overcast today so reading and football is on the cards xxxxx

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