Rain rain go away

Today was the first day it rained all day; we still played football on the beach in the morning but it was much cooler and more bearable at 26 degrees. Olly finished his book and got emotional at the end haha and I’ve reached my aim of reading 5 books – yay.

We still enjoyed our dinner – spag Bol and rice for Ol and fish with ginger and broccoli for me.

As it was raining, we decided to walk to Otres 1, which is 1.5 miles from our hotel. We obviously couldn’t resist the Italian.

Although the weather was poor, we enjoyed the break from the Sun. Looking forward to our last day tomorrow and then we’re off to Kep!
Love and miss you all,

Al and Ol xxxxxxx


12 thoughts on “Rain rain go away

  1. Well you both look like adverts for Hollywood teeth on latest pic…have you both been having dental treatment, both of you have lovely teeth all straight etc., The pizza’s look very appetizing and you made G’dad and me feel hungry I bet you will miss the islands… I presume you will be travelling to Kep overland?? stay safe,enjoy love and miss you,
    love Nanxxxxxxxx

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  2. Just read your blog and nanas comment and I’m laughing at her teeth comments. You go halfway around the world and nana comments on what lovely teeth you have, never mind the fab photos. What would you two do if they didn’t sell pizza???? Our heatwave has gone now, so we’ll not be as tanned as you two. Safe journey tomorrow, love to you both xxxxxxxx

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  3. Shaun’s comment this morning…”not another picture of a pizza, they are pizza crazy!! But, considering the amount of football, volleyball and reading they are doing they need some proper sustenance….whatever happened to wayward youths in nightclubs drinking too much at alcohol fuelled parties…..these are the kids England should be proud of”
    Enough said…

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  4. Hi…..just got onto blog at hotel WiFi…….dad says well done for finishing book and just in time before you move on to busier days again! It’s been lovely down the Rhine today ….H even had pizza for lunch (very small one…not like your whoppers)…must be something in the genes…ha! With regards to Nana’s teeth comments we’re just glad they’re all your own cos I went into restaurant toilet at melkinthorpe last week and someone had left a set of falsies on the side of the washbasin…I couldn’t believe it !!! Enjoy your day tomorrow. Love you loads!!!xxxx


    1. Olly said as soon as he finished ‘I miss it, I want to read it again haha’! Wow, Howard should be over here there’s plenty of pizzas. That’s funny about the falsies, Grandad has a habit of leaving his lying around. Glad you had a safe journey, we love you loads xxxxx

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  5. It’s 3.13 am and I am wide awake!! Jayne was right about the blog being addictive..going on the computer is not the right thing to do in the middle of the night.. but I keep looking at it and like a blog addict I have to go on it just to get in touch with you…. and when I read the replies from you I think thank god the’re safe,happy and all pizza’d up..and then I look to see if you have brushed your Hollywood teeth, you don’t want to be leaving them around in toilets!! as for G’dad leaving his around I feel I must point out that there are only two, H would be proud to know that they were lost from a motorbike [well not quite a motorbike more of a Scooter] accident in his youth….I hope your bus journey goes well, push them peskie Chinese out of the way..make sure you get a comfy seat, Love and miss you both Nanxxxxxxxxx


    1. Bless you, it’s 9.34 am and were wide awake! We don’t mind, it’s lovely hearing from you all. I’m glad that you’ve been making sure we’re keeping up with our appearances! Haha bless Gdad, still got that Hollywood smile though (just with a little gap). Don’t worry we’ve learned the hard way you’ve got to be pushy! Love you xxxxx

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