Our last chilling day

We realised much too late that today was our last day we could chill, seeing as though we have so much to see in Kep and Can Tho.

Again, it rained until 4pm but we’ve both started new books so we were content with that and food.

This is my club sandwich and shake I had for lunch – Olly was extremely jealous, so we had to come back for tea; he ordered a club sandwich but the bread was half the size of mine, the bacon wasn’t crispy and there wasn’t as much filling (he did ask for no veg!) so he was very disappointed and made himself feel better by buying a pancake. I had spring rolls for tea which were fab!

Nana – I wore the dress you got me tonight but the material has ripped slightly like the rest in Zara so I’ll be on the case when I’m home!

I promise it wasn’t my fault, i was gentle.

Another selfie before we go on a 2 hour bus journey to Kep tomorrow!
Very excited.

Speak soon xxxxxxxxxx


11 thoughts on “Our last chilling day

  1. Wow, your last chilling day, not that you’ve got work tomorrow, like some of us do, well me in fact!!!!!!!!! All your food photo’s look very English, are you sure you’re not at the Talbot????????? Have a lovely evening, and travel safely tomorrow. Can’t wait to see your pic’s of your new place you’ll be travelling to. Take care and lots of love xxxxxxxx

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  2. Looks amazing and can’t wait for he next step. The sandwich incident reminds me of Jordan and the Burgers at the hotel we stayed at they were different every meal. Glad your enjoying yourself and you both look so happy. Missing you. Can’t wait to see you when your back. Enjoy xxxx

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      1. Me bored without you course not aha. Went for a Billy no mates walk today across the fields from yours only to get chased by the cows! Luckily made it to the gate before they got me! The Suns been out a little today so been trying to top up my non exsistent tan. Anyways better go know got a race this evening so need to get sorted. Enjoy the days you have left šŸ™‚ xxxx

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      2. Bless you, I hate them awful cows and the horses are no better! Don’t worry it’s absolutely chucking it down here so we’ll be pale when we’re back haha. Hope your race went well, speak soon xxxxxx


      3. wow that really is a sandwich , would think there is only 6 slices to a loaf Was Ollie’s pancake a rainbow one ?.I suppose you are on the bus to Kep soon are you ?
        Just realised this is also a multinational blog with your parent in Germany Oll. Wonders of technology eh? I quite like the sound of the fish with ginger etc. try and remember how to do it, Or (yes I know I can google it .) Our summer seems to have returned today ssssshh. Must be saving it all up until you get back . Is it a luxury coach trip to Kep ? Or is it one where everyone hangs on to the sides and roof and takes their chickens and goats for a trip .Take photos !!!! Lots of love Geema

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      4. I know i couldn’t eat it all would you believe! I’m afraid it wasn’t a rainbow one this time haha. Getting the bus in an hour! Indeed it’s a multinational blog, it might make millions when I’m rich and famous! Fish and fresh ginger is so nice! Not quite a luxury coach but it’ll get us there. Love you, hope the trip is not how you described though xxxx


  3. loving the Liz Hurley 1 leg in front of the other pose there Alice!!! I swear you are both getting younger looking every day-must be cos you are so chilled!!!

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  4. Nein! Nein! Nein!……..just lost my comment ……I think! It went something like this……………………….
    Guten Tag!……just checking in from Germany. Not had any whopping sandwiches but H (who doesn’t do puddings) has been merrily testing cakes and ices as we’ve worked our way round by the Rhine today……good job we’ve walked lots!!! Moving on tomorrow to our Bavarian destination for the next 7 nights. Hope your bus journey goes well. Will be thinking of you both….stay safe. Love you loads….and loads!!xxx

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