Jungle madness

We arrived in Kep after waking up to torrential rain (so bad Olly had to call off his morning run), and enduring a white knuckle bus ride – there was only 4 of us on the bus but I clung on for dear life (like Nana when I was learning to drive) as we spent most of the time on the opposite side of the road.

But, we’ve arrived in thick Jungle with frogs, moths and insects everywhere. We used the hotels free bikes to cycle to the crab market – although none of us like crab – but cycling was a mistake as my pedal fell off. I exchanged the bike to one without breaks that pulled to the side, so cycling down a dirt track was unpleasant. Olly just laughed at me.

The crab market didn’t sell anything but fish so our hopes for an Oreo milkshake were gone. 

So this evening, we were starving and walked to 8 different restaurants who for one reason or another were closed; apparently some weren’t open until 7, the chef was asleep and the receptionist had gone awal. So a 5 minute walk turned into a 2 mile walk just for food. On the plus side, we’ve bought 50 cereal bars so we never have to starve again!

And we love our bungalow, it’s especially funny to see Olly try and get into the hammock!

We’re trekking the national park tomorrow without a guide so wish us some luck!

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxxx


11 thoughts on “Jungle madness

  1. torrential rain eh ? sounds like Chadderton at the moment . At least the bus was on one side of the road, usually they go for the middle spot. You seem to be starving a lot of the time, when a lot of your pictures are of food. Perhaps the restaurants only open when a queue forms, or maybe wave dollars in the air near the doors. That might work. It looks very “jungly” in Kep, watch out for strange creatures on duff, no brake bikes coming at you out of the trees. Keep living the dream (at least this years dream)
    love from Geema

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    1. Yes although it didn’t last very long. That’s because we’re used to 8 meals a day with snacks, but that comment made me laugh. Yes we had a frog in the bathroom that we got rid of and when we went for a shower, it magically appeared again! Love you xxxxx

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  2. Ooh It looks lovely in Kep….very tropical!!! You should have tried some crab…..it’s delicious and would be so fresh there. Ol says he had milk straight from the cow today ….you don’t get fresher than that!!! Glad you survived the journey…….enjoy your exploits tomorrow. We look forward to hearing about them. Have fun. Love you loads!!!xxx

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  3. Hi guys, sorry for delay, where does the time go!! however, I ‘m back to my addiction!…Oh I love the look of Kep..I might be a little concerned about the vast amount of jungle, but with plenty of deet should be okay!! What about your hotel? Posh and Becks couldn’t afford that one!! I know exactly what you mean about getting onto the hammock, it’s hilarious watching G’dad try to get onto one, he never learns even though we have had loads to get use to..but I also own up to falling out of one when dismounting, I had had a few cocktails and I had white trousers on!!!. you must keep all the info for us, we want to follow in your footsteps. Hope Cambodia is not experiencing a food shortage since you and Oliver have been there, missing you loads, love Nanxxxxx
    ps don’t worry about the dress, bye the way you looked georgous

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    1. It’s alright, yes the 100% Deet is saving me! Kep is lovely just rainy at the moment. Hahah that doesn’t sound like you Nan having too many cocktails? Missing you too, love you! Aw thank you, it’s so light. It just needs some stitching and It’ll be okay. Xxxxxx

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  4. It’s 1.59 am and I am wide awake,have Ellie staying so I have to creep around not wanting to wake her!! What’s on the agenda today? Bye the way forgot to mention, the headlines on all media news is as follows:- Major food shortage in Cambodia, authorities are looking for two young adults [notice I included Oliver in that as August 4th is fast approaching!!!] guilty of eating excessive amounts of pizza’s,toasties,oreo smoothies and other plain safe food!!
    you had better watch out!!they are on to you!! tattie-bye for now,love Nanxxx


    1. She’ll be fast asleep don’t worry about her – she told me you said she looked like Rylan haha! Trekking the national park with nothing but a map! Haha very funny. Love you xxxxx
      P.s. Just ate a huge baguette with bacon and egg!

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  5. Ellie’s tan is extremely dark!!! and developing darker by the minute!! all you can see is brilliant white teeth,hence my comment on Rylan..and the whites of her eyes, I have told her about the rules of Settle and Gig, she will need a special pass to walk around!! do not shout at me for that comment!! how is your tan coming along, you look fab with your freckles, have you and Ols been drinking from the fountain of youth, you both look younger by the blog!! you will come back as toddlers, you should get a good discount from Airllines on your return [which is fast approaching] love you Nanxx
    ps I wish I could be as quick as you when replying, and I have a RSA in typing!!

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    1. I see now, that’s a fair comment then! Not very tanned as sun isn’t out, it’s cloudy so can’t really sunbathe. Yes we’re stress free so more youthful. Haha bless you, less than 2 weeks now! Love you. It’s okay modern technology means young people are faster at typing haha xxxxx

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