Lions and Tigers and Bears

I told Olly just before we went into the jungle that I read somewhere that tigers and elephants were roaming wild in Kep’s National Park, although nobody saw any so I must’ve been imagining it?

We got up at 6 this morning for an early morning swim (before all the kids contaminated the water) and then began our trek; we were told it was ‘easy’ as it was well signposted and despite having a map, we ended up going the wrong way. But, we made it back to the hotel in one piece.

Olly being sensible with his attire, wearing camouflage as to not attract attention…

Beautiful views from the viewpoints.

We even spotted a few monkeys!

Grandad – we went to the Led Zep Cafe for you!

And of course, we had pizza for lunch again.

The weather is still poor, so it looks like we’ll be coming home pale, but it’s not stopped us having fun, this afternoon we played volleyball in the pool. 

Going to visit an underwater lake tomorrow (meaning in a cave).

Speak soon

Ol and Al xxxxxx


11 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears

  1. The jungle looks very different to the island hopping, and all good experience of the country. I’m laughing At Ollys camouflage gear!!!!!!! You both look like you’re having a ball, enjoy it all. We miss you both here, but so pleased you’re seeing the world and having so much fun. Keep the blog going, it’s always good to read. Love to you both xxxccxxcx

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  2. Lions and tigers and bears…..oh my!!! Glad you’ve had a good day and didn’t get eaten!!!! It all looks very lush and beautiful. Liking the sound of the lake tomorrow. Enjoy!!! Love you loadsxxx

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  3. Ah but were there any wizards? have you got your snorkling gear ready for the underwater lake??loved Oliver’s camouflage top very bear grills!!! I must admit the pizza looks delicious what topping is it? I hope its crocodile meat, monkies lava and elephants feet!!! The weather here is scorchio 94degrees in the shade, we are all as brown as berries.. hurry home, miss you loveyou..Nanxxx

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  4. Hi there—- am sure elephants don’t live in jungles , could be wrong if they are Asian elephants They would probably keep knocking the trees down and destroying the monkeys habitat. Keep an eye open for the tigers though, they can go anywhere they like . The pizzas look good again, glad you got a photo !!.Shame you got lost in the Park, no guided tours to follow then ? Hope you like the underwater lake. We did an underground river and that was brilliant. Don’t forget to stock up on food , just in case.
    City are going for Stones Ollie , not sure how much yet. love from Geema

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    1. Hi, oh that’s a point, well we only saw monkeys to be honest. Apparently tigers are extinct so we’re okay. We ended up going on a nice adventure so we didn’t mind getting lost! We will take our 50 cereal bars, don’t worry. We saw Stones in the airport on the way here G’ma! Love you xxxxx

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  5. Oh my!!! brilliant writing there Alice- you might consider a career in journalism??? I am loving Ollingtons T-shirt-although it looks rather clean and posh and not the scruffy “sweaty wear” we used to wear in Morocco!! I miss Ollie so much-only he understands my need for sports wear and some sort of exercise adrenaline!!! We must plan another trip with the 4 of us!! Anyway, Shaun and I are off to Guatemala on Sunday so we may not be able to comment on your adventures for a while…we both have to pack and sort everything out tomorrow!! last minute or what!! We will have a mega picture show when we get back and the winner of the best pictures takes us all to the Talbot!! We love you both so much and cannot wait to hear in person about your travels! Rach and Shaun xx

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    1. It would be a fab career but I’m not into phone hacking and shaming people… Trust me it was very sweaty! Well he’s been working out everyday so he probably misses you too. Another trip sounds fab. Have an ace holiday. I know I’ll win best pictures as you’ll have 1,0000s of ancient buildings so I best get saving up. Love you xxxx

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