Professional Cavers

Today we went to two caves, Kompong Trach and Phnom Chnugk.

The Tuk Tuk ride was pretty bumpy and we thought we were going to topple into a very muddy river (in my head I saw warning signs of dengue fever, cholera etc.) but we managed to stay upright until we arrived. 

We paid a lovely Cambodian girl to show us around the Buddhist cave.

I couldn’t take many pictures inside as the camera is really blurry in dark light, even with the flash. We did see a monkey though (the last picture of course).

The views for amazing and Olly even took most of the pictures for once!

Sorry there are so many of me haha – just a picture of Buddha to prove we’ve actually been inside a cave!

The second one was fab as there was a freshwater lake at the bottom.

Eventually the locals cleared off and we were able to swim without worrying about them jumping on top of us. 

We then went to a pepper plantation- Olly wasn’t too impressed considering he doesn’t like pepper on his food!

And when we eventually came back for lunch, a lovely family at the cafe (who had eyes bigger than their bellies) offered us some crab and lobster they’d bought from the market and didn’t eat.

They laughed when I couldn’t open up the lobster and the crab, I could tell they were thinking ‘typical idiot tourists’. But, it was lovely.

After lunch (noodles) we both had the nicest pancakes ever for dessert, but now were hungry again!

Going out for an early tea then we are booking a bus into Kampot for the day tomorrow.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxx


7 thoughts on “Professional Cavers

  1. Sounds like you’ve had another fab day. The underwater lake looks like catrigg foss. Enjoy your tea tonight, maybe lobster pizza and crab oancakes???? Me and to are off to feizor soon. Have a lovel evening, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. hello again, just spotted the monkey, I actually thought you had come across an illegal plantation. Looks like a fascinating place to visit. Was the freshwater lake really cold? Have you now added crab and lobster to your menu wish list. I love crab, but not lobster as much. Its a bit too meaty for me. The pancake looks super do you have anything with the noodles such as MEAT ? What does the tourist population seem to consist of ? Sorry, I seem to be playing twenty questions, but it is really interesting reading the blog . I bet the time seems to be really galloping now, so enjoy every minute, at least with
    the blog is always there to take you back there. Lots of love Geema
    ps I hardly like to say but my computer is behaving ay the moment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sssssh

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    1. Hello,
      No it’s not illegal haha. It was cold but bearable, it was nice to cool down in. Crab was actually really good but I had to de shell it myself. I had chicken but it looks awful so I had to pick it out. Meat isn’t too good over here, so I’m going to order veg stuff for now. It’s fine, I don’t mind answering your questions! Yes I’ll be reading over the blog in the middle of winter when I’m freezing and studying for uni haha. Time is flying, less than 2 weeks to go now. Love you loads. P.s. Don’t jinx it haha.

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  3. Hi there you two!!!! Fab pics again, looks like another good day. Did Ol try the crab and lobster too? H had pancake with cherries today…..don’t know what’s happening to the man..ha!….
    .we did then walk up…up…up 5,300 feet…..we were only supposed to be doing a walk in the valley by the river ( you know what dad’s like Ol he said “we’ll just follow his nose and see where we end up……..gonna folloew mine next time….its smaller ….ha! ha! …….was sooo worth it but I didn’t think so on the way up…..Louise would have loved it!! I kept going so i could get back and read blog.

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