Stupid frogs

Today, it was sunny (eventually) so we abandoned our full day trip to Kampot and chilled for the morning.

When I say chilled, that involved removing a frog from Olly’s shoe and the bathroom; Olly getting stung by a wasp (twice) as we played football in the jungle and Ollys ball popping because I headered it “too vigorously” into the bushes.

But, we managed some relaxation.

Or at least someone did.

After a lovely lunch of tuna salad and noodles, we went to Kampot on a Tuk Tuk for the afternoon.

Being ravenous, we did the markets in about 5 minutes as we both wanted ice cream – greedily, we had 3 scoops each.

We then booked a cruise to see the fireflies (G’ma it wasn’t quite P&O standards but we got free drinks.)

The sunset was lovely too.

I think the last picture almost looks like a volcano. 

I couldn’t get any decent pictures of the fireflies, but they looked like twinkling fairy lights on a Christmas tree, and the sky was clear so we could see hundreds of stars too.

We were welcomed back to the lodge by another frog – thankfully Olly got rid of it again.

We wanted to go to Bokor Hill Station tomorrow but as its $60 return, we’re opting for a chilled day providing it’s sunny and we’re going to look for a minibus so we can go the following day.

Sorry for a late post, hope nobody’s been worrying.

Al and Ol xxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Stupid frogs

  1. Hi there!!! I was saying to H…..What’s happened to the blog?…..I can only get yesterday’s. Anyway as long as you’re ok and had a fab day with a bit of everything by the sounds of it. (Hope the wasp stings are not too sore Ol.)The sky looks amazing in the pics so I bet it was super on the boat ride and quite magical watching the fire flies. We’ve been to one of King Ludwig’s castles today with an underground grotto…….you should have seen the Chinese going mad there with their cameras…… thought of you both!!! Keep enjoying every moment! Miss you. Love you loadsxxxx

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    1. Yes we got back very late! He’s fine now, it didn’t stop him playing football so it can’t be too bad. The fireflies were amazing. That doesn’t surprise us, Chinese take pictures of everything, we’ve seen a woman pose for about 1 hour before now! Love you loads xxxx

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  2. I was getting very worried that you’d both been eaten alive by the killer frogs, so I’m now more relaxed knowing Ol is the bear grylls of the Cambodian jungle. I hope he had one eye open when relaxing in the pool, I’d already searched it for water snakes!!!!! Well, I feel like I’m on my holidays as I’ve got nana and grandad round for a BBQ later, so we’ll have a glass of fizz for you two. Enjoy your evening, love you lots xxxxx

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  3. WELL OF COURSE WE WORRIED—- late blog , how horrendous is that ? A plague of frogs, could be locusts next. (biblical reference) Are they huge ? I hope you replaced Ollie’s football, he could get withdrawal . You are getting some beautiful pictures, will make a nice calendar . Could you actually see the fireflies or just the lights from their head torches ? I hope the boat was more seaworthy this time.
    love from Geema

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    1. I know it’s not as if we’re adults or anything! Not too big, about the size of a biscuit. He was hugging it until it deflated so we’ll have to buy another! We could see the fireflies as the boat turned all the lights off. It was on the river so much better, love you xxxxxx


  4. Sorry for delay in replying, as we have been to a barbecue in Gig, nice food, nice drink, and nice company, that is when we finally persuaded Els to come and acknowledge the fact that we were there, however, it was most enjoyable/!!/wish you were there!! Bedroom [notice I haven’t made reference to who’s bedroom it belongs to] Al your days are numbered!! looks great, looks massive, perhaps because the Kasbah theme has gone!!
    Well back to your eventful day, pesky frogs,they are frightening,they jump out at you when least expected..orrible green slimy things, what is there purpose? A new football has been sent FedEx!!! and can you confirm that Ols is still alive..judging from the picture of him in the pool it’s debatable.. Oh and the fireflies, they are amazing, i’m sure
    I have mentioned that we have them just down the lane in one of the trees there, I thought they were fairylights and then when I realised they weren’t remembered that we had seen them in Goa and they were exactly the same!! I know I always go on about the amazing Sunsets we have in Settle,but I think the ones you have captured take some beating…looking forward to next Blog, enjoy your day, love and miss you, Nanxxxx

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    1. Oh it’s okay, I think you’re forgiven. I wish I was there too! Missing Uk food now. I know they’re pushing me out already.., not happy.
      Not sure on the purpose of frogs, possibly to be a nuisance haha. Ol is still alive, yes hahaha, he would be so happy with another football bless he’s having withdrawals!
      Not sure if I believe there are fireflies in settle but hey ho. Sunsets are fab over here, love you and miss you xxxxx

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