RIP Football

Oliver is devastated at his now deflated ball, although he still played football and catch with it for hours today – who said he was becoming an adult in a few days?

Today, the weather was gorgeous so a chilled day by the pool was much needed.

We had to take some selfies or else my blog wouldn’t have any pictures haha. (Check out or insect & frog infested bathroom, the height of luxury).

I forgot to upload this picture yesterday. I (being Mrs Paranoid) was worried about the dust and exhaust fumes whilst we were in the Tuk Tuk (apparently they shorten your lifespan by 5 years) so here we are trying to filter the air with my headscarf! 

This afternoon, we walked into town for lunch. We both had beef noodles (we decided to eat like the locals) and then a cornetto for dessert (as well as sweets).

Also, the pool was devoid of little rascals this afternoon, so I managed to finish my book and Olly has almost finished his too!

We’re just chilling now, watching the sunset and waiting for our tea. You’ll be shocked to know Ollys ordered a pizza again but I opted for the tuna salad sandwich.

We’re planning on going to rabbit island tomorrow, so fingers crossed we won’t come back with rabies.

Miss you all lots,

Al and Ol xxxxxxxxx


8 thoughts on “RIP Football

  1. Hi!!!!…..just having a bite to eat in Fussen……been to Neuschwanstein castle today…Will send Ol pics. H just said “there’s WiFi here…what about the blog?”…….he’s as bad as I am really!!!! Glad you’ve had a lovely day… both look like models in your swimwear. Laughing about the scarf in the tuk tuk…….remember me on night safari Ol when I wore the scarf so no bugs could get me…..I could barely see the animals I was that covered…ha! ha!. Thinking of you both.Love you loads!!!xx

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  2. Define little rascals by the pool. Kids or frogs ? Or are the frogs all in your bathroom ?. Like the photo of the noodles , there’s loads, which is good to know to keep you both filled up. Poor Ollie —-no football, can’t you both save up for a new one ? By the way, DO NOT EAT MEAT tomorrow .
    The hotel looks nice, it looks like a good move you made. Bet Ollie doesn’t eat pizza for months when
    you come home. Enjoy Rabbit Island
    lots of love Geema

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    1. Not sure which is worse, although we also saw a blue gecko! Frogs in our bathroom in our room haha. We will get a new one when we’re back in Vietnam! Why are we not eating meat haha? Not going anymore, we’re going to Kep beach instead! Love you lots xxxx


  3. Confused .com!!! I don’t know whether I am commenting on the right blog…oh goes, Oliver has probably shown the Cambodians that us English don’t have to have the latest gadgets to have lots of fun, playing catch and footy with a deflated football is just as enjoyable..Did you have to pay extra for the frogs in your bathroom? have you tried frogs legs yet? they are supposed to taste just like chicken..not for me though. Alice you are getting more and more like Stephen Hawkins everyday, dust and fumes shortening your life by 5 years, where on earth did you get that from..anyway, better to safe than sorry, and you both suited the scarf so much..Enjoy Rabbit Island tomorrow, beware of mixingmitoasties,L:Lots of Love Nanxxxx

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    1. Yes you are don’t worry! It’s true he has. Not tried frogs legs and don’t plan to. I know what am I like? Haha love you xxxxx
      P.s. You won’t be missing me when you see all the clothes I have for you; P20 has stained all my white clothes and also dust has made them black; got 2 clothes with holes in them and my bikini top snapped so need to take them back to next. Also my summer ball outfit needs cleaning so make sure your diary is free for the foreseeable future (I’ll treat you to another fancy wrap when we go to Leeds) love you xxxxx

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  4. Yet another fab blog. I agree with Jayne, you both look like models in the bathroom, you could get into team GB with those bodies. I also loved the scarf on the tuk tuk, you both reminded me of Michael Jackson!!!!!!! Frogs are lovely creatures do learn to love them!!!!! Enjoy rabbit island. Why is it called this? Or is that a daft question? Just heard from Rach, they’re at their destination now. I feel left out. Love to you both xxxxxxxxxx

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