Change of plan

Unfortunately, Cambodia greeted us with rain on our last day – although we didn’t mind as we read our books all morning and swam for a bit. We decided against rabbit island as nothing can beat Koh Rong. Plus, there was only 3 places that sold food there and it was all sea food – we couldn’t have poor Ol starving to death. 

We did walk towards Kep beach but the sea looked rough and the red flag was out, so we made the most of the weather and chilled again rather than risking our lives.

We ventured out for lunch when it stopped raining and ate noodles and ice cream like yesterday. 

We booked our bus tickets to Vietnam for tomorrow, 7 hours in an air conditioned mini bus isn’t too bad I guess… Fingers crossed for no Chinese nuisances!

When we realised we needed to spend our riel before going to Vietnam, we decided to treat ourselves and have tea at our lodge – Olly is having his usual pizza and me a chicken salad and Gin Sling. We’re hoping to play pool after although last night’s game became very heated when my version of hitting the ball was more like a golf swing. But, A level maths finally came in handy as I used my angles and managed to come a close 2nd – I’d still get an Olympic silver if it was down to me.

We’re sad to be leaving this beautiful country but getting excited for seeing you all when we get back now. Me and Ol have been dreaming of Weetabix, normal chicken and being able to drink tap water – only a week left now! 

There won’t be much blog activity tomorrow as I’m sure you don’t want bombarding with boring pictures of us on a bus – that is unless anything dramatic happens, and I’ll be sure to inform you. We’re arriving in Can Tho 6pm our time so don’t panic if we post later, fingers crossed for a smooth border crossing.

Speak soon,

Love Al and Ol xxxxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Change of plan

  1. Well, what a chilling day you both seem to have had, and well done you two for having a blow out on your last day, and treating yourselves. How was the gin sling Al? Only an Olympic silver?? What about a gold????????? Hope the weather bucks up soon. Don’t wish your last few days away, enjoy evey moment, we’ll all be here for you when you get back, so enjoy the whole experience. You’ll both be wishing you were back on your hols after a couple of days. Safe journey tomoz you two, love to you both xxxxxxxxxx

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    1. We feel bad for buying so much though! Gin Sling was fab. I can’t get a gold if I don’t win mum haha. We’re not, it’s just weird that were coming home soon when it doesn’t seem 2 minutes away we were at Manchester airport. Still excited to get back to Vietnam! Love you xxxxxx

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  2. Hi there!! You won’t mind rain tomorrow as you’ve the long journey but let’s hope it goes away for you after that…..Louise is right….it won’t take long when you’re home for you to be wishing you were back there so enjoy every last bit of it!!! We’ve been up a mountain today(albeit on a ski lift this time and walked back down)…..and we decided tops of mountains are CFZs (Chinese free zones) ha!…….only been back in our village 5mins and already seen some nearly getting run over as in middle of road taking pics!!!!! Hope your journey ok tomorrow…stay safe. Look forward to hearing your next chapter. Love you loads!!!xxx

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  3. Greetings from Guatemala!!! So as your fun ends ours is just beginning-I will never match the delightful blogging you have done but will regularly email you to let you know how we are getting on. So far so good-you should get the plane out here!! Another fascinating, beautiful, crazy part of our wonderful world to visit…. travel safely home guys xxxxx

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  4. It is the witching hour again and I have been reading your blogs regarding your last day, I sent a blog but it appears not to have happened, its so frustrating….briefly I blogged about my joke, [miximitoasties] which I don’t think you got! you were going to Rabbit Island and you have been having different toasties to eat, oh well, its not the same when you have to explain it.
    I also said that I did not have any Granddaughters, especially ones coming home with dirty frog stained clothing!! and clothes with holes in them…I will have my needle and thread ready, also, stain removers and Vanish on standby, I miss you so much I cannot wait for you to come home
    Well its farewell to Cambodia and you are off once more on your travels, take care, stay safe and we love you loads, Nanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. I got your joke but not your latest comment! Yes I got that, it was very funny don’t worry. Haha thank you, bet you can’t wait with all the clothes I have for you to sort. I miss you too!
      Love you millions xxxxxx


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