Need for Speed or the bus to Can Tho?

Today was the bus journey from hell…

We were told it would pick us up from our hotel at 10am and get to Can Tho at 5 pm.

It got to 10.30 and we were worried they’d forgotten so we rang the company who sent a Tuk Tuk to collect us and take us to the bus station. Upon arriving, they told us the bus actually leaves at 11 and all the signs around the city that advertise “10am departure” are wrong – seriously?

Anyway, we waited until 11 with a no show. It eventually turned up at 11.45 and we were furious. We crossed the border into Vietnam which took the best part of an hour and then got dumped at another bus station in Ha Tien.

Apparently, the person who sold the ticket missed out the minor detail that we’d have to wait in this city for 2 hours. But again, that bus was late and we set off at 4.15 for a 4.5 hour journey. The driver was completely erratic and it was no surprise that half the people on board were sick. We came near to death about 10 times when he was on the wrong side of the road, driving straight towards another truck. Oh, and the 16 seat bus had 20 people which was completely on it without air conditioning; it was a nauseating journey. 

Some little kid was sick on Ollys bag and I was so angry I questioned the parents who stared at me blankly, making me even more mad. Olly also had a go at the person sat next to him who kept kicking my bag and when he lit a cigarette in the bus, we were so angry we wound the window down so it all blew in his face!!! And, he was playing music on loud speaker so I was on the verge of playing Justin Bieber mega loud to annoy the rest of the Vietnamese population.

As you can see, we were both in a foul mood, and reasonably so. So much for a short post, but I needed to rant.

Don’t worry, we arrived safely in the poshest hotel ever and we’re now mega happy. A butler carried our bags to the room and it has free dressing gowns, slippers, complimentary drinks and toiletries as well as a dial by the bed to turn everything on and off.

About to find some food as we haven’t eaten properly for ages.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxx


9 thoughts on “Need for Speed or the bus to Can Tho?

  1. oh my God -well done for surviving that-typical of many countries!!! Shaun and I are going to start a competition now for worst transport, best hotels, best food etc so get ready you 2 youngsters!! We did find a very cheap cocktail bar last night in a hostel but we were about 40 years older than older than everyone so didn’t stay-Shaun said it was like the 6th form common room!!

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  2. Hi!!!! Hope you felt better after your rant Alice…..sounds like it was much needed!!!!! At least you’re there now safe and in the lap of luxury…..just what you and our boy needs for his 18th…..Enjoy!!!!xxxxxx

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  3. Oh no, sounds like the journey from hell, but I have to tell you I was laughing whilst reading it as I could feel your pain and frustration!!!!!!!!! So pleased you have ended your day on a good note, a posh hotel. Olly will not forget his 18th ever, happy birthday Ol, as you’ll be 18 when you read this. Enjoy your lap of luxury you two, can’t exit for next blog, they’re always funny xxxxxxxxx

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    1. what wimps you are—- try going on the 59 bus into Oldham sometime LOL . Having a rant at Vietnamese peasants doesn’t sound the most productive activity. Told you they all drive down the middle of the road. Hotel sounds lovely , you must feel very pampered now.
      This blog is getting more international by the day ( hello to Shaun and Rachel) Have a lovely birthday Ollie. you will always remember your 18th. love from Geema

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  4. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Oliver, Happy Birthday to you. Be thankful that you are out of this Country or else you would have had to suffer me and G’Dad singing that to you,accompanied by the Guitar/Banjo….How does it feel to be an adult?? How does it feel to bein the lap of luxury? We have visited many countries but have only once had the free dressing gowns,that was in Vienna,. The bus journey sounded very similar to theX84 to Leeds where window wars takes place with people opening and other people banging them shut!! we failed you there Al. we should have taken you on a few of our bus journeys, and the one you were on would have been a breeze….I dont know how I would have coped with the vomit on my vile!!Well Oliver I hope you ordered room service for your big day and breakfasted in bed in your dressing gown..enjoy your birthday, look forward to your blog tomorrow,love Nanxxxxxxx
    ps OMG I am just getting over you being on this holiday when you are talking about another and biking it!!! I feel a heart attack coming on!!!

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    1. He says thank you, aw no you’ll have to sing it for him when he’s back! He doesn’t like being an adult at the mo, feels old. We’re not ordering room service when there is a huge buffet downstairs! Love you loads. P.s. Don’t worry won’t be for a while yet Xxxxxx

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