Big Kids

Today was so fun and completely un-adult of us!

Instead of the stereotypical 18th birthday where people drink to oblivion and party all night long… We went to a shopping mall.

Typical us had pizza for lunch – Olly is looking extra happy (and old), because he got a mega sized extreme pizza. (It’s supposed to serve 8).

We then went to the gym (on Ollys request) and swam in the rooftop pool looking over the Mekong Delta. We cycled back to the mall and went bowling which was hilarious.

They asked us our shoe sizes and obviously couldn’t believe a girl could have size 8 feet so gave me a 4 instead! I also lost miserably to Olly as my bowling technique was worse than my pool one – he said it was because he was stronger so he could hold it better? I think it was birthday luck.

Being big kids, we then went into the arcade and spent the afternoon messing about.

Our favourite game was basketball; we went on it 10 times haha!

Olly also had a go at motorbike racing – Howard you’d be ashamed as he came last…

It also made me laugh how, ironically, before it started it said ‘please don’t drive like this on the roads’ clearly they haven’t been getting their message across.

After a frozen yoghurt, we cycled back to the hotel and couldn’t believe it was 4pm – time flies when you’re having fun.

We then got ready for tea and I treated Oliver!

After tea, he was very embarrassed when the waitress brought the cake over and we all sang Happy Birthday…

A picture of the birthday boy with his cake and flowers…

It was the cutest cake in the world but we couldn’t eat it all, so we shared it with the staff.
We both had a fantastic day, so much so that we forgot to book our boat tour for tomorrow! Looks like we’ll be saving that for another time.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxxx


14 thoughts on “Big Kids

  1. Well, what an 18th Ol will never forget. What a different way to celtbrate a special occasion. You two look like you’ve had a hoot and used Ol’s 18th As an excuse to be kids. Well go for itπŸ˜€. The pics look great as usual. I really wish I could be there with you two today, and am sure Jayne and Howard do too. If I was there, is best you both at basketball though, and give Ol a run for his money at bowling. Happy birthday Ol, one to remember forever. Love to you both, and you can now travel together as 2 adults xxxxxxxxx

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  2. Happy Birthday Ollingtons!!! from Shaun and Rach. I bet most 18 year olds do not get one as fun a s this-it looks fantastic! We shall celebrate when you get back and I will buy you a protein drink!!! I really hope you are part of our lives for another 18 years as you bring Alice (and us therefore) so much joy and happiness.
    Welcome to adulthood xxxxxxxxxxx (you are clearly embracing your new maturity guys!!)

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    1. Hi Alice and birthday boy. I hope you eventually got a shower Ollie !!! Lovely to see you on facetime . It makes distance seem ridiculously small. Had a good day with Ellie, she does give herself away by wearing your clothes on camera doesn’t she?. Ollie, how on earth did you manage that pizza Ollie, no wonder you couldn’t manage cake, which was absolutely gorgeous. How did Happy birthday sound in Vietnamese?
      Did you check the card by the way? lots of love Geema

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  3. Hi Guys, well what an eventful birthday you have had Ols, as everyone else has remarked, you will never forget it, well I hope you have had a really enjoyable day.
    G’dad and I could not stop laughing at the size of the pizza’s, Alice yours looked just as big! its not your birthday!! did you finish them? We laughed about the bowling shoes, which reminds me Al, you have definitely had the wear out of your black trainers, did you only take one pair? I love the pic of you both on bikes and I def want a copy of it, Rachel’s emails are hilarious, I’ve told her to go A/1, keep blogging, stay safe and love millionsxxxxxxxNanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  4. OMG..I am in the witching hours again, and looking at all your pics, [I think I have worn the blog pics out] and there is one of you Alice where you have been tagged!!! its the one just below the Birthday Cake picture.. you know you can tell me what you have been up to to get tagged, was it for eating too much pizza? or was it for bullying the locals on the bus journey? or maybe it was elbowing/injuring the Chinks..let me know what it was…I am dead impressed with Mum using imodiums on her replies to your blogs..clever or what..Love to you both,Nanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      1. That didn’t work either! Anyway, it’s chucking it down so going to the gym and swimming this morning then cycling round the city this aft to Can Tho beach (a beach by the river) and possibly a rice noodle factory. Speak soon, al xxxxx


  5. Hi there…..just picked up WiFi now in Ripon on our way home from hols. Definitely had withdrawal symptoms not being able to see the blog even though we did speak on the phone for Ol’s birthday. Glad you had a super day and the pics look like you did!!!! Looking at all that food I’m starting to think about stocking my cupboards back up for your return. Keep enjoying!!! Love you loads and really proud of you bothxxxx

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