A-level Geographers?

This morning, we had a lie-in as it was chucking it down! We filled up on the HUGE buffet and went to the gym. We then swam and chilled on the rooftop pool and the Sun came out for us, eventually…

By this time, we were starving so headed towards Can Tho beach (a sandy section of the Mekong – we only wanted to go to see how bad it would be), but we went completely the wrong way and unfortunately ended up having a KFC for lunch.

We then cycled over a bridge and ended up on a motorway road, so decided to retreat back to the mall after our morning triathlon (run,bike,swim).

I had a baileys frozen yoghurt and Olly had Oreo flavoured. We decided frozen yoghurt is best with fruit, baileys and Oreos are better in ice cream!

After our snack, we went back to the arcade and played basketball again, managing to get 256 baskets in 3 minutes – yay!

When we came back to the room to get ready for dinner, we decided we’ve been totally uncultured so have booked a tour of the floating markets, farms and factories for the day after next (we didn’t want to do tomorrow as it was a 5 am get up!) 

Tonight, we went to a fab restaurant for tea although Olly wasn’t impressed as the beef was too tough and his noodle sauce tasted like fish apparently, but my passion fruit mojito and pork noodle soup was soooo nice!

After dinner, we explored the night markets and it took a lot of willpower to not buy ANYTHING! There were so many clothes, I wanted Ray Bans and dresses and Olly wanted the football shirts and designer caps, but we’ve decided to leave our spending until Ho Chi  Minh! Tomorrow, we are going to exercise in the morning and then find the beach, fingers crossed we can read the map better!

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxxx

(Semi-professional triathletes) 


7 thoughts on “A-level Geographers?

  1. You are making me feel bad with all your exercise-it takes me all my effort just to lift my glass to my mouth! I vow to do more than just people watch soon!

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  2. It must be fun getting lost on holiday though, as everywhere you go is a new experience. Can’t believe neither of you had a shopping blow out, but realistically, do you have room in your rucksacks? Or you could wear all your bargains on the way home. Enjoy your evening, and make the most of every day now. I’m all
    Mixed up with emotions, as you both look so happy and are fulfilling your dreams, so I want you to have lots more time travelling, but I also miss you and want you home. Maybe you could send your bargains home on the plane and grab a few more weeks out there!!!!!!!!!! Which country does the best pizzas? Love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Settle Harriers have asked me to urgently get in touch. they want you on their triathlon team!! they are dumping Rachel as she is too much of a lush!! Alice I cannot believe that you didn’t buy anything I am hyperventilating, I need to be there..Ray Bans and clothes I would be in heaven.. did they do book swops as G’dad is doing my head in with G.ma’s book infact forget the book swop,,do they do husband swops, I don’t think we will make our 50th next year!! Another lovely picture of you… I want so many, but where is Oliver, I am wondering whether now he is an adult in his own right he is refusing to have any pictures taken..Olly you are so like me hating having pics taken. well no doubt there will be lots to blog about on the floating markets so I am really looking forward to hearing from you both, love to you, stay safe,lots of love N&Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  4. loved the photo with the bucket of soup in front of you !!! Do you see many obese Vietnamese people out there ?. Looks like the Americans with their giant buckets of popcorn. Sounds like Nanna heaven with the shopping, but remind her, she can’t return anything, especially husbands. Re Ollie’s photos, wait till he’s famous, you’ll be seeing him on everything .
    You will probably be the only couple to come back from holiday 100% fitter than when you left. Or maybe not. Enjoy the water market. Love Geema

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