Worlds worst beach!

This morning it was very sunny so after breakfast, I sunbathed whilst Ol went to the gym. But, the sun didn’t last long and soon the heavens opened so we cycled to a very cute cafe for lunch.

I ordered a noodle soup with coconut ice cream for dessert, but the ice cream came first so I had no choice but to eat it! Ol had a passion fruit juice and beef noodles but he wasn’t too keen. They brought me a glass of water over and I was worried it would upset my stomach so I took a sip and spat it straight out… What I didn’t realise was that it was coconut water and I thought I’d been poisoned at first.

Anyway, after our delicious lunch, we cycled to the beach which looked like it had been abandoned.

A rare picture of Oliver.It was definitely the worlds worst beach.

But, the streets looked pretty. We then went to KFC as Ol was craving popcorn chicken after not eating much lunch!

We cycled back to the hotel and chilled until dinner time, when there was a lovely sunset. We went to the roof to see it (although there was restricted access) and I got wobbly legs because of the height.

We’re getting up at 4.30 tomorrow for a tour of the floating markets, so going to get an early night.

Lots of love,

Al and Ol xxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Worlds worst beach!

  1. Aw, lovely pics, you are too kind Al you should have politely told them you wanted your mains first and dessert after, they would have been ok with that, but I understand that its not easy because they are probably lovely people. Getting up at 4.30!! well let hope it will be worth it…I’m sure it will. I agree the beach was too uniformed I hate it when the loungers are all close to one another and in a straight line. looking forward to your next update, stay safe, enjoy, love youxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. You could have made the beach look more rugged by messing up the line up of chairs!!!!!!! Did you swim in the sea? Enjoy your trip tomorrow, I’m sure the early start will be worth it. It’s been lovely and sunny here today. Love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Hi……lovely pics……it was worth going up on the rooftop. Been shopping today so my cupboards are full ……there’s not a pizza in sight though….seen enough pizzas for a lifetime!!! ….ha!ha! Good to speak to you today. Enjoy tomorrow and we look forward as ever to the blog. Keep safe. Love you loadsxxxx

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