Last day in Can Tho : UPDATED

There’s not very much to blog for today. As usual, we’ve planned our day around food; we woke up early again for the buffet breakfast and ate until we nearly burst, then let it settle and went to the gym to burn all them calories.

Afterwards, I finished my 11th book and we both sunbathed for the last time…

Not your usual pool views!

We then got a pot noodle for lunch as we’re splashing out for tea (probably a pizza again) then going to the cinema at 6pm.

We’ve booked our bus to Ho Chi Minh for tomorrow ready for our final destination. 

Happy Birthday to G’ma and Grandad – I hope you both got your cards and had an ace day!

I’ll post tomorrow about the film, but let’s hope this bus journey is less horrific.

Lots of love,

Al and Ol xxxxxxxx

P.s. Just to update the post. Ol had pizza for tea (again) and I had some lovely pasta although I don’t think the Vietnamese understand that garlic needs chopping as they gave it to me whole! Suicide Squad was so good, we had an fabulous time for just £2 each. Of course, we each got a large popcorn as our dinner wasn’t enough.

Quick cinema selfie. Speak soon x


4 thoughts on “Last day in Can Tho : UPDATED

  1. You two are ace!!!! Don’t know if the Vietnamese economy will cope when you’re not buying food. Glad you had a fun day and enjoyed the cinema. Hope journey ok tomorrow… won’t be as long will it? Enjoy your last day. Love you and can’t wait to see you bothxx

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  2. Oh Alice. we nearly had a heart attack when we looked at the pic in cinema, we thought Ollie had injured his head, then G’dad said no Ollie would not be wearing a striped t shirt, thank go for that!! G’dad was absolutely over the moon with his birthday card, he cannot stop looking at it, and he cannot for the life of him work out how you have done it, but thank you so much, you are so thoughtful and it has meant so much to him..well one day left, so make it the best yet, fill up on buffet breakfast have seconds and thirds, make sure you have everything you need for your journey, stay safe, love to you both, N&Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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