Shopping Spree

This morning, we got up very early to ensure we had enough time for our last buffet breakfast. Thankfully, we even had some time to chill before the bus.

Ol took this picture of the sunrise this morning when he went for a swim.

The bus was late, but we made it! When we stopped for a snack, I managed to walk into a wall and I’ve cut and bruised my leg (whoops) but no permanent damage. Dad, I think I get my clumsiness from you, cheers.

War wounds!

We got to Ho Chi Minh without any sick/frantic bus drivers and went out shopping for the best part of the afternoon. I bought the nicest North Face jacket for university (and possibly for when I get back to Manchester and freeze to death) and we’re going back tomorrow to spend some more.

I had a lovely frozen yoghurt but Ol was saving himself for his tea having had an Oreo milkshake…

Going out for tea now,

Speak tomorrow for my LAST blog (until our next adventure),

Lots of love,

Al and Ol xxxxxx


7 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. Hi there! Well Alice you managed all that time without injuries and NOW you walk into a wall…..what you like??? Think you might need the North Face jacket when you get back as it’s not very warm today. Happy Shopping….enjoy!!! Love you and can’t wait to see you bothxxxx

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  2. How very dare you! going on shopping spree’s without me, I am like a addict, I am hyperventilating at the thoughts of all those designer clothes going for a song, I am definitely going next year, G’dad can take pics and I can shop!! Fancy injuring yourself at the end of holiday!! your Dad would have defo injured himself more, Cattle grids and loft ladders come to mind!! Well all good things come to an end,so enjoy yourselves, I have alerted Booths and Co-Op to make sure their stocks are supplemented, keep your heads screwed on for the last journey and we cannot wait to see your both, love to you,Nan &G’Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. I hope your leg is ok and that you have out antibiotic cream on it. I knew that first aid box would come to some good. What’s the nf jacket like? I’m well Jeal. Any fat face floating boats???? Enjoy your last day travelling. I’m going to miss your blogs guys but looking forward to you getting home safe and well more xxxxxx

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  4. Hi Big Niece.

    Aren’t you the all grown up independent traveller, with your lattes, iced teas, yogurts and fancy web blogs. Telling your adventures from the other side of the world.

    It has been a real pleasure to read about your travels, escapades and day to day diet. Firstly, from home in Settle and now while I sit here in Guatemala.

    As I told you before you set off I am so proud that you put this trip together. The fact that you planned it and more admirably, that you paid for it, is a massive achievement from someone so young. You and Ollie are a real credit to your families and hopefully an inspiration to others your age.

    From our early trips together to Morocco, Spain, India, Egypt and Jordan I always hoped you would get the travel bug, but also that you would travel for the correct reasons. There is nothing quite like mixing with other cultures. It is always refreshing and often humbling – but I guess you know that.

    So it’s your final day: Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hanoi, Siem Reap….. the list goes on. Great memories for the both of you.

    When we sat together at Christmas and you nervously booked your first flights is something I will always remember….. and now you’ve only gone and pulled it off. Over five weeks of travel together without any input from anyone else.

    Enjoy your last day and see you when we all get back

    Look after each other

    Shaun xx

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    1. Hey,
      Lovely to hear from you. We can’t believe it ourselves and we have you to thank for the travel bug! We are so proud for what we’ve done and have made so many memories. Can’t believe we’re only 6 hours from Australia – it’s tempting to get the wrong flight tonight but I know our families are missing us loads…
      Enjoy the rest of your trip and I’ll see you when you’re back!
      Love Al xxxxxxx

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