Numpties and the final post…

So after 2 days of intense shopping, we are now very tired… It was only after we were walking back from today’s spree when we realised we’d been shopping in the wrong place. Ho Chi Minh is famous for the Ben Tanh markets and we thought they were fabulous too, until Olly spotted them on the way back from Saigon Square where we’d been. But, it was still a shoppers paradise and I’ve bought some very cheap, lovely clothes which I definitely didn’t need.

Another picture or the crazy streets…

We then realised we were almost peniless, so went to a bakery for lunch. Ol had a loaf of bread and 2 pot noodles – just a light snack before our journey.

We came back before we got kicked out of the room at midday and had a quick shower. We’re now lounging around waiting for the airport transfer, but we managed to sneak in a quick frozen yoghurt!


It’s been lovely writing the blog and hearing from you all everyday and I’m glad you could share our experiences with us. It seems bittersweet coming home but we’re excited to see everyone, even though I’m tempted to hop on a flight to Australia instead as it is so close (unfortunately Ol is missing his home comforts so he’s not agreeing). We can’t believe we’ve survived 5 weeks half way across the world, we’re so proud of everything we’ve done. We’ve made so many great memories and it’s been a laugh a minute – I’m so glad I have the blog to look back on whenever I need a boost. I’m sure there will be lots more adventures to come in the future as we’re always saying we want to travel more… 

We’re due to land in the UK around 8 a.m. so I’ll make sure everyone knows we’ve arrived safely somehow, or you can call me if you like πŸ™‚ 

We love you all lots and lots 

Al and Ol xxxxxxxxxx


7 thoughts on “Numpties and the final post…

  1. Oh no, this blog has made me cry, but with joy and pride. You have both had a fantastic experience which will have given you both new life skills and a thirst for future travels and life experiences. Al, don’t hop over to Australia, please come home, I’ll stick up the fridge I promiseπŸ˜†πŸ˜€ safe journey and the blog has been so good and enjoyable to read, I will miss it as its kept me going. Love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. Ooh just got the blog up now but think you might already be in flight or certainly getting ready to board. Have missed you both sooo much but have really enjoyed the blog and will miss that now!! H and I are really really proud of you both…..See you TOMORROW!!!! Be safe…..Love you!!!xxx

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  3. Oh i am so sad, I will miss the blog so much…its been lovely hearing from you both everyday and sharing your experiences, we are so proud that your have completed your adventure without any major mishaps, a few scary situations but you have sorted them,we are so proud of you both to have done what you have done and seen what your have seen, they will be lasting memories for life and you are still so young, i’m tearful just thinking about it,,Well have a safe journey home, i cannot believe I will be seeing you tomorrow I am so excited love you as always Nanxxxxxxx

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