Currently on a 37 day trip around Vietnam and Cambodia.

Our plan;

Ho Chi Minh 4th-6th

Da Nang 6th-11th

Hanoi 11th-14th

Siem Reap 14th-18th

Sihanoukville 18th-28th (Island Hopping)

Kep 28th-3rd

Can Tho 3rd-9th

Ho Chi Minh 9th-10th



15 thoughts on “About

  1. Another day nearer to your departure! Got the P20 factor 150!! rang Moneypenny, but no answer, see you soon,Nanxxx


  2. Oh no!! one more day to go, I will have to kidnap you, I bet you are really getting excited now and nervous I expect, so envious of you, love you,Nanxxxxxxxx


  3. i have tried and tried to sing to you our special song but cannot do it without blubbering, so you will always be my only sunshine you will always make me happy when skies are blue you will never know dear what makes me happy so don’t take my sunshine away [for longer than 5 weeks] you and oliver have the most special times of your lives make it the best ever. love to you both and i will be thinking of you all the time,love nanxxx

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    1. Dear the best Nana in the world,
      I’ve read over this so many times and I’ve just realised it’s “you make me happy when skies are grey” you nugget – see you’re going to miss me keeping you on your toes! Keep up with the fabulous posts, I look forward to them. Me and Ollingtons love you too xxxxxxx


  4. Glad you’re there ok…..there are always hiccups along the way….. you’re at the other side of the world!!! Get some sleep and then you can really start your adventure……missing you both already…..what am I gonna be like after weeks without you!!!! We love you loads!!xxxxx

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  5. Thank god you have arrived safely, try to stay awake as long as poss and switch to their time, you will feel much better when you have had some sleep, god help you Oliver Alice is a right rat bag when she is tired!!! and forked out £8 on a Taxi, that will take some getting over!! G’dad is shouting at me he said I hope your not going to be blogging it for 5 weeks!! night night, love Nanxx


  6. Hi there!!!!! Just on train going to Leeds and thought I’d just check the blog…..I’m so..oooo glad you’re posting pics and things it makes me feel better. You’re having an amazing experience and proud of you that you’re embracing it all. Alice, you must be the tasty one being bitten…..Ol probably too sweaty..ha!! Hope flight ok later…keep safe. Love you loads!!!!xxxx

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    1. Hope you have a good time in Leeds, my aim is to update it as much as possible. Yes well it’s not good I’m itching everywhere now and he’s just laughing at me! Ol not happy with the sweaty comment! We love you too xxxxxx


  7. Hi Guys, is July high season in Da Nong? how do you cope on the beach with all the tourists? Al I love your hippie look. I will show you a picture of me and G’dad in sixties I have an outfit very similar to yours, Ol needs to grow a beard and some dreadlocks and barefeet or jesus sandals to complete the pic!!! I will be looking through the archives for my hippie gear or is that obscene when your in your twilights yearsI It looks fantastic blue skies, warm sea and no peatons, where are the Chinese? You are cheeky monkies helping us spot the Swastikas, we’re not that thick thank you, keep us up to date with the adventures and remember water is the way forward…..plenty if sun lotion..take care love to you both Nan and G’dadxxxxxxx


    1. Tell Nana I’ve got her really long post but she’s commenting on your account. Log her back on on her computer Rach! There’s lots of Chinese but not many Europeans so not sure if it’s high season. Aw thanks Nan, handmade trousers from Hoi An! We haven’t really been to the beach – we found our own secluded one anyway, Ol wants to do some pull ups later on the beach haha. I know Ol spoils the look. Trying to avoid the pushy, shovy Chinese, almost had a run in with one today! Love you Nan and G’Dad xxxxxxx


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