Big Kids

Today was so fun and completely un-adult of us!

Instead of the stereotypical 18th birthday where people drink to oblivion and party all night long… We went to a shopping mall.

Typical us had pizza for lunch – Olly is looking extra happy (and old), because he got a mega sized extreme pizza. (It’s supposed to serve 8).

We then went to the gym (on Ollys request) and swam in the rooftop pool looking over the Mekong Delta. We cycled back to the mall and went bowling which was hilarious.

They asked us our shoe sizes and obviously couldn’t believe a girl could have size 8 feet so gave me a 4 instead! I also lost miserably to Olly as my bowling technique was worse than my pool one – he said it was because he was stronger so he could hold it better? I think it was birthday luck.

Being big kids, we then went into the arcade and spent the afternoon messing about.

Our favourite game was basketball; we went on it 10 times haha!

Olly also had a go at motorbike racing – Howard you’d be ashamed as he came last…

It also made me laugh how, ironically, before it started it said ‘please don’t drive like this on the roads’ clearly they haven’t been getting their message across.

After a frozen yoghurt, we cycled back to the hotel and couldn’t believe it was 4pm – time flies when you’re having fun.

We then got ready for tea and I treated Oliver!

After tea, he was very embarrassed when the waitress brought the cake over and we all sang Happy Birthday…

A picture of the birthday boy with his cake and flowers…

It was the cutest cake in the world but we couldn’t eat it all, so we shared it with the staff.
We both had a fantastic day, so much so that we forgot to book our boat tour for tomorrow! Looks like we’ll be saving that for another time.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxxx


Need for Speed or the bus to Can Tho?

Today was the bus journey from hell…

We were told it would pick us up from our hotel at 10am and get to Can Tho at 5 pm.

It got to 10.30 and we were worried they’d forgotten so we rang the company who sent a Tuk Tuk to collect us and take us to the bus station. Upon arriving, they told us the bus actually leaves at 11 and all the signs around the city that advertise “10am departure” are wrong – seriously?

Anyway, we waited until 11 with a no show. It eventually turned up at 11.45 and we were furious. We crossed the border into Vietnam which took the best part of an hour and then got dumped at another bus station in Ha Tien.

Apparently, the person who sold the ticket missed out the minor detail that we’d have to wait in this city for 2 hours. But again, that bus was late and we set off at 4.15 for a 4.5 hour journey. The driver was completely erratic and it was no surprise that half the people on board were sick. We came near to death about 10 times when he was on the wrong side of the road, driving straight towards another truck. Oh, and the 16 seat bus had 20 people which was completely on it without air conditioning; it was a nauseating journey. 

Some little kid was sick on Ollys bag and I was so angry I questioned the parents who stared at me blankly, making me even more mad. Olly also had a go at the person sat next to him who kept kicking my bag and when he lit a cigarette in the bus, we were so angry we wound the window down so it all blew in his face!!! And, he was playing music on loud speaker so I was on the verge of playing Justin Bieber mega loud to annoy the rest of the Vietnamese population.

As you can see, we were both in a foul mood, and reasonably so. So much for a short post, but I needed to rant.

Don’t worry, we arrived safely in the poshest hotel ever and we’re now mega happy. A butler carried our bags to the room and it has free dressing gowns, slippers, complimentary drinks and toiletries as well as a dial by the bed to turn everything on and off.

About to find some food as we haven’t eaten properly for ages.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxxx

Change of plan

Unfortunately, Cambodia greeted us with rain on our last day – although we didn’t mind as we read our books all morning and swam for a bit. We decided against rabbit island as nothing can beat Koh Rong. Plus, there was only 3 places that sold food there and it was all sea food – we couldn’t have poor Ol starving to death. 

We did walk towards Kep beach but the sea looked rough and the red flag was out, so we made the most of the weather and chilled again rather than risking our lives.

We ventured out for lunch when it stopped raining and ate noodles and ice cream like yesterday. 

We booked our bus tickets to Vietnam for tomorrow, 7 hours in an air conditioned mini bus isn’t too bad I guess… Fingers crossed for no Chinese nuisances!

When we realised we needed to spend our riel before going to Vietnam, we decided to treat ourselves and have tea at our lodge – Olly is having his usual pizza and me a chicken salad and Gin Sling. We’re hoping to play pool after although last night’s game became very heated when my version of hitting the ball was more like a golf swing. But, A level maths finally came in handy as I used my angles and managed to come a close 2nd – I’d still get an Olympic silver if it was down to me.

We’re sad to be leaving this beautiful country but getting excited for seeing you all when we get back now. Me and Ol have been dreaming of Weetabix, normal chicken and being able to drink tap water – only a week left now! 

There won’t be much blog activity tomorrow as I’m sure you don’t want bombarding with boring pictures of us on a bus – that is unless anything dramatic happens, and I’ll be sure to inform you. We’re arriving in Can Tho 6pm our time so don’t panic if we post later, fingers crossed for a smooth border crossing.

Speak soon,

Love Al and Ol xxxxxxxx

RIP Football

Oliver is devastated at his now deflated ball, although he still played football and catch with it for hours today – who said he was becoming an adult in a few days?

Today, the weather was gorgeous so a chilled day by the pool was much needed.

We had to take some selfies or else my blog wouldn’t have any pictures haha. (Check out or insect & frog infested bathroom, the height of luxury).

I forgot to upload this picture yesterday. I (being Mrs Paranoid) was worried about the dust and exhaust fumes whilst we were in the Tuk Tuk (apparently they shorten your lifespan by 5 years) so here we are trying to filter the air with my headscarf! 

This afternoon, we walked into town for lunch. We both had beef noodles (we decided to eat like the locals) and then a cornetto for dessert (as well as sweets).

Also, the pool was devoid of little rascals this afternoon, so I managed to finish my book and Olly has almost finished his too!

We’re just chilling now, watching the sunset and waiting for our tea. You’ll be shocked to know Ollys ordered a pizza again but I opted for the tuna salad sandwich.

We’re planning on going to rabbit island tomorrow, so fingers crossed we won’t come back with rabies.

Miss you all lots,

Al and Ol xxxxxxxxx

Stupid frogs

Today, it was sunny (eventually) so we abandoned our full day trip to Kampot and chilled for the morning.

When I say chilled, that involved removing a frog from Olly’s shoe and the bathroom; Olly getting stung by a wasp (twice) as we played football in the jungle and Ollys ball popping because I headered it “too vigorously” into the bushes.

But, we managed some relaxation.

Or at least someone did.

After a lovely lunch of tuna salad and noodles, we went to Kampot on a Tuk Tuk for the afternoon.

Being ravenous, we did the markets in about 5 minutes as we both wanted ice cream – greedily, we had 3 scoops each.

We then booked a cruise to see the fireflies (G’ma it wasn’t quite P&O standards but we got free drinks.)

The sunset was lovely too.

I think the last picture almost looks like a volcano. 

I couldn’t get any decent pictures of the fireflies, but they looked like twinkling fairy lights on a Christmas tree, and the sky was clear so we could see hundreds of stars too.

We were welcomed back to the lodge by another frog – thankfully Olly got rid of it again.

We wanted to go to Bokor Hill Station tomorrow but as its $60 return, we’re opting for a chilled day providing it’s sunny and we’re going to look for a minibus so we can go the following day.

Sorry for a late post, hope nobody’s been worrying.

Al and Ol xxxxxxx

Professional Cavers

Today we went to two caves, Kompong Trach and Phnom Chnugk.

The Tuk Tuk ride was pretty bumpy and we thought we were going to topple into a very muddy river (in my head I saw warning signs of dengue fever, cholera etc.) but we managed to stay upright until we arrived. 

We paid a lovely Cambodian girl to show us around the Buddhist cave.

I couldn’t take many pictures inside as the camera is really blurry in dark light, even with the flash. We did see a monkey though (the last picture of course).

The views for amazing and Olly even took most of the pictures for once!

Sorry there are so many of me haha – just a picture of Buddha to prove we’ve actually been inside a cave!

The second one was fab as there was a freshwater lake at the bottom.

Eventually the locals cleared off and we were able to swim without worrying about them jumping on top of us. 

We then went to a pepper plantation- Olly wasn’t too impressed considering he doesn’t like pepper on his food!

And when we eventually came back for lunch, a lovely family at the cafe (who had eyes bigger than their bellies) offered us some crab and lobster they’d bought from the market and didn’t eat.

They laughed when I couldn’t open up the lobster and the crab, I could tell they were thinking ‘typical idiot tourists’. But, it was lovely.

After lunch (noodles) we both had the nicest pancakes ever for dessert, but now were hungry again!

Going out for an early tea then we are booking a bus into Kampot for the day tomorrow.

Speak soon,

Al and Ol xxxxx

Lions and Tigers and Bears

I told Olly just before we went into the jungle that I read somewhere that tigers and elephants were roaming wild in Kep’s National Park, although nobody saw any so I must’ve been imagining it?

We got up at 6 this morning for an early morning swim (before all the kids contaminated the water) and then began our trek; we were told it was ‘easy’ as it was well signposted and despite having a map, we ended up going the wrong way. But, we made it back to the hotel in one piece.

Olly being sensible with his attire, wearing camouflage as to not attract attention…

Beautiful views from the viewpoints.

We even spotted a few monkeys!

Grandad – we went to the Led Zep Cafe for you!

And of course, we had pizza for lunch again.

The weather is still poor, so it looks like we’ll be coming home pale, but it’s not stopped us having fun, this afternoon we played volleyball in the pool. 

Going to visit an underwater lake tomorrow (meaning in a cave).

Speak soon

Ol and Al xxxxxx